So, what's up guys ?!

Tinted windows, a cell phone in his hand while pulling out of a " no parking zone " in front of a local popular take-out Chinese restaurant ?!

This guy was a big guy ! He had a look of contempt in his face like ----

" I know I'm breaking laws but I don't give a fuck ! "

I see this a lot guys in the town I live in ?!

So what the hell am I supposed to do as I approach this pattern ???

I know it's in our nature to be a bit defiant and shitty at times, but Jesus ?!

But I'm a pretty practical guy with a good heart , I just happen to be in a risky type of career ??!!!

Which is fine , I own it; I love it and wouldn't change a thing, it's my calling !!!!

But how do I approach people with almost total apathy for principles ?!,!

Any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated !!!!

Thanks guys,

sincerely ,