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Thread: Cycle decisions

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    Default Cycle decisions

    Evening gents, need some advices with my next cycle.

    Little background, several cycles under my belt, 20 plus years training before getting on the bike. Currently 6'3" and 215, hovering around 12 % BF.

    Two weeks into starting up again, taking 200 test e, 300 eq, 100 mast e & 100 tren e per week, just to get the bod ready. Now the question is what direction I should go, looking to get into single digits.

    What would you guys recommend. Either a test, eq, mast blast for the next 10 weeks or maybe a test, eq, tren run? I also have whinny on hand. I was thinking of adding the winny near the end of the mast stack. What say you?

    thanks in advance.

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    I ran 300 EQ and 150 injectable Winny for a mild cutting cycle and put on 7lbs of muscle at the same time. It was very mild and worked great.
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