Dale has very good potential. This year he has lost 80lb of fat. This has left him with some stubborn fat and some loose skin on the upper body while he has shredded glutes and hams. Currently he would get destroyed at the national level this is obvious.
However, the goal is to keep him lean. Tighten up the skin and then see where next year takes us.

As far as the social media stuff goes. I am not into all of that personally. However, I was simply floored at the response he got at the show in FL. He was getting mobbed. I literally said to my wife "I feel like I am in the twilight zone. There are known IFBB pro's walking around getting no attention and people are mobbing Dale". The industry is certainly different now to a few years ago!

Dale is a hard worker he just hasn't had the guidance needed up until this year. But all things going to plan he will look completely different next year.