In the last month or so there are more women (from all races, Democrat and Republican, etc) coming out with claims of being raped, assaulted or sexually harassed decades ago. Now maybe it’s hard for me to comprehend this since I am a man but if I were to get robbed at gunpoint, had my car stolen or my house robbed I would call the police immediately. Why are they all coming out now at the same time? Also it seems like these men are guilty until proven innocent. I’m not saying all these women are lying and yes some men are pigs but it just doesn’t make sense why bring this up decades later. Why didn’t you call the police, your Human Resources department, etc immediately after the incident took place?

At my job the guys were discussing this and i personally am making sure I refrain from even being too friendly or talking too much other than work related matters with any female coworker because it looks like anyone can claim sexual harassment for anything and you guilty until proven innocent? What’s going on?