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Thread: Be Careful with Brown Rice! Studies Show High Degrees of Arsenic!

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    Default Be Careful with Brown Rice! Studies Show High Degrees of Arsenic!

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    Extrapolate what you will but ask yourself this one questiono you experience knee joint pain ?.While there can be many reasons,age,past injury etc.Do yourself a favor over a period of time and void all rice by replacing it with potatos.The very substance this article points out can be so painfull upon buildup in your joints you would never imagine the suffering pain.Back in the day long before your nitric oxides and creatines we would get mindblowing pumps working out due entirerly to our consumption of Beef Liver that was Dessicated and sold by Schiff company in 1000 tablet bottles.Schiff Liverall was beyond comprehension for Capillary Expansion but somewhere along the way they outsourced it and rather than grass fed livers they recieved a much inferior version pennies on the dollar that was from Argentinia of all places and although their livestock grazed on grass it was among the highest soil measured point on the planet of the A substance we are discussing.It got so bad those 100 tablets we would consume every day would literally lock up our knee joints in pain just driving a car and we could not identify why.But eventually Joe figured it all out and Schiff put an end to said product.Consume your Creatine and Nitric Oxides but if you could source American Grass fed Beef liver in tablet dessicated form you would experience pumps like never imagined and as importantly you knees would not cripple ya!...You can have your old lace too,Lol!

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