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Thread: The Top 10 Stories of 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by harmankardon1 View Post
    The Olympia corruption? Were not allowed to state the obvious?
    Been banned multiple time for stating the obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guruhonza View Post
    Regan Grimes did better than anyone here would ever think. Went to Kuwait because for guy like him it would be missed opportunity if he did not go. In 4 years he will be working with Chris again

    Cedric - won Arnold. Fucked up at the Olympia - Chris took the blame himself.

    Jose - should have beat Flex at all shows he competed against him and should have won Kuwait Pro. Easily.

    Rhoden - his issue is lower-ab area. And he looked bad for O prejudging. Could have beat Dexter still.

    Zane Watson looked insane at Arnold

    Chris had many people turn pro this year

    Sas Heirati - looked absolutely insane and should have won both NY Pro and Cali Pro. Went with Jordan because they can also train together.

    Sergio Oliva - won his pro debut looked insane. Again - better than people expected.
    Arash Rahbar suposed to win Classic Physique but barely finishes top 5

    Shawn Rhoden suposed to be top 4 at Olympia but barely finishes top 7

    Cedric McMillan suposed to be top 5 at Olympia but barely finishes top 10

    Guy Cisternino suposed to be top 5 at 212 Olympia but is not even there

    Cedric wins Arnold Classic because Dallas was also not in condition, Sergio wins Ny Pro because no Evan due to ice

    even if you blame Chad for Dallas death, Aceto is the worst guru of 2017 by far

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    1. Roelly Winklar bodybuilder of the year

    2. Brandon Curry most improved bodybuilder

    3. Juliana Malacarne most dominating women's competitor

    4. Sandra Grajales rising women's star

    5. Bumstead / Breon / Winklar in 3 way tie for most epic men's athlete of 2017

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