1 .Ask him if he feels cuban or just american, does he speak spanish or identify with the latino community., what is his opinions soon fidel castro situation .

2 how did he meet tom platz and who had the idea off traing togheter first, does he work out often with platz and do they only train legs togheter

3 his clothing line has wonderfull design and great colours , is it him who chooses the design and choose the ideas on how the cloths look.
4 When he won the new york pro, what was his first thught going to his mind when he heard he had just whopped the entire bev crew in they're home town
5 when he showed up to the bev gym to take celebration pictures did anybody try to start beef or give you bad looks,
6 Ask him about the wife beeing deported situation
7 Does he have any close friends in the industry
8 When he was amateur he used to get magazine coverage even though he did not look his best.Did he receive any negative comments that he doesn't look like his dad, that he didn't have his dad genetics etch, and if he did was was going threw his mind .

Tell him I made a tread about him first calling the tread swrgio olivia jr the next big thing , this was before anybody else .
I see him winning mr olympia after heath retires in year 2020 or 21.Tell him i spoke to him on my Facebook my name is robert kelly there Tell him i was very happy he responded to me.
Wish him success for the future and he has my full support...