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Thread: Why do Africans/African American people have the best genetics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigcy View Post
    I am going to offer a new view. Have two couples of any color with similar IQ and average physical traits have babies. Drop one baby in the slums of Brazil and one in lets say a good neighborhood in California. Which one is more likely to score higher in a IQ test and which is going to have a better chance at becoming a good soccer player?

    Also the notion that the western civilization has been always the pinnacle of scientific advancement is total bs. Its just not historically correct. Many see it that way because we live in this century. If you were living in the 14th century Persians and Arabs were at the top. if you lived a millennia before that Egyptians were doing brain surgeries. The military as we know it started in china with the invention of gun powder and canons. Its an accumulation of knowledge. Also IQ test is a measured device created by modern humans. You cannot apply that to a guy from lower caste in india and in the same time to someone from Yale. Lots of factors involved.

    I have read stories about Rolando (Brazilian soccer player) wearing ten socks to not have a bloody foot cause he didn't have money to buy a soccer shoe...
    IQ can be accurately measured and free from most cultural bias.

    Having said THAT, I think it's a moot point. To me, potential just means you haven't done it yet.
    Maybe Victor Richards had better bodybuilding genetics then Jay Cutler.
    Jay was a legend and multi Mr O. Vic was a mythic character that never competed as a pro.

    Right now and in recent years, Phil Heath is the king of bodybuilding.
    Black, white, yellow or brown, no man has knocked him off , yet.
    Regardless of the activity, do your best to keep things fair and let the best man (or woman) win.
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    Rafael Brandao Interview: Brazilians Have The Best Genetics In Bodybuilding | Iron Cinema

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    Quote Originally Posted by R_00N View Post
    Also the reason IQ variation between "races" is considered taboo is because the idea of superiority often accompanies that conversation. I personally think IQ has a certain genetic variable but more so an environmental aspect. As a African American myself sports and physical endeavors are much more popular and sought after in the black community than academics so many blacks put most of their focus on that due to our culture. Asians who as a whole have a high average IQ tend to focus more on the intellectual side of things and are usually raised in very strict households. How many star Asian quaterbacks do you see? Usually when this topic is brought up equally low or average IQ members of other races claim superiority over a lower average IQ race even though their own IQ is in low-normal range. I've met plenty of dumb whites, blacks, asians, etc so I tend to judge people based off their merits and contribution to the betterment of society not IQ or race.
    You can't increase your IQ level, well you can but an insignificant amount. What I mean is, if you score a 100 in the Mensa IQ test you will never achieve 132 to enter Mensa. No matter how much you practice. Even if you score 127-ish Mensa say you won't reach 132, no matter how much you practice. Can your environment and up-bringing make you not reach your full potential IQ-wise? Possibly. Can all the dedication and practice in the world make you a genius? No.
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