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Thread: My future prediction

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    Default My future prediction

    Could there be going to be a shift in the bodybuilding physigue with the new guard about to take over and not just any bodybuilders two young guys with great bodybuilding genetics and great bodybuilding fathers hunter labrada, and sergio oliva jr.
    This is what you can call bodybuilding history about to happen and with it they will be bringing what there bodybuilding fathers brought to the stage as lee labrada puts it mass with class, its been a long time since we have seen some real conditioning, mass, shape, HARDNESS, with being a great poser, i wish the best for these two young men.
    What would top it all off is if lewis yates started competing.
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    no, the 2nd generation could never be as epic as the first once they first reached a level of near max level power..
    in a rare case one could try to rival there epicness..
    Sergio Jr might have the physique and posing but he sure as hell doesn't have the attitude or thinking of a top champion..
    he comes off as a top of line asshole always blaming something for something

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    Hunter has a torn Pec and is not designed for the big show, Sergio is not top 6 in structure.
    these are not the Olympia contenders you are looking for.


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