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Thread: Stronger sponsorship from top companies would generate more prize money. Yes or no?

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    Default Stronger sponsorship from top companies would generate more prize money. Yes or no?

    We all know sponsorship drives prize money to increase. Look at other sports that have grown over the years and are far bigger today than they were say 30-40 or even 20 years ago. They eventually find ways to attract big sponsors who end up investing more money for advertising and so forth which leads to the event organizers being able to increase the prize money. Why haven't we seen this yet with Bodybuilding? Sure we have decent money in the Olympia but with stronger sponsorship we could be seeing better payouts in the Olympia and also the other big shows such as the New York Pro and the Arnold. This would grow the sport and make it more popular. I'm sure the sport would be more attractive if a guy felt he could walk away with 10 or 20 grand guaranteed if he placed in the top 10 for example. Also how about an end of the year award that has a nice payout for the guy who wins the most shows in a calendar year? The more shows you win and place in, the more points you generate plain and simple. I know guys get points already during the year to qualify but there is no award currently that is put up as an ultimate prize at the end. This would generate better fields of competitors in all the top shows around the country which would also help with growing the sport. I'll use golf as an example, a sport where they used to make pennies compared to what they are making now. They have the Fed Ex cup, and the winner at the end of the year with the most points after the tour championship is awarded 10 million! Supplements are a billion dollar a year industry and I know for a fact that one of the top supplement companies could put up serious money as well if bodybuilding had something similar. You wouldn't see the top guys holding out just to compete in the Olympia and maybe one other top show if we are lucky. Guys like Buendia and Heath would be competing multiple times a year! Just my opinion!
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    First time I read about this subject of big sponsors and bodybuilding contests was 1983 or 84. Hasn't happened yet... and the Olympia was on NBC Sportsworld too.

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    Big sponsors don't bother with bb because there aren't enough bb fans. Compare how many people watch bb contests vs. the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. We are like a drop in the ocean compared to those sports.
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