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Thread: Road to a 600lb Deadlift

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    Default Road to a 600lb Deadlift

    Hey people, I'm an avid fan of all strength sports (strongman, powerlifting, Olympic), combat and also bodybuilding.
    Tried bodybuilding at my early years but soon I found out I didn't have the build for it but I kept training to try to be at the best shape I could be but lifting heavy has always something I enjoy. When I turned 43 (call it midlife crisis if you want) I became obsess with dead-lifting and put a mark of 600lb as a goal, currently my PR is 425 (that went up fairly easy), I am following the below 12 week plan to hit bigger numbers:

    Week 1 - No belt 1" deficit with 55% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 2 - Belt with 86% of desired PR (1x5)
    Week 3 - No belt 1" deficit with 57% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 4 - Belt with 89% of desired PR (1x4)
    Week 5 - No belt 1" deficit with 59% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 6 - Belt with 91% of desired PR (1x3)
    Week 7 - No belt 1" deficit with 61% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 8 - Belt with 93% of desired PR (1x2)
    Week 9 - No belt 1" deficit with 63% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 10 - Belt with 95% of desired PR (2x1)
    Week 11 - No belt 1" deficit with 65% of desired PR (3x5)
    Week 12 - Belt with desired PR (1x1)

    I supplement this with Reverse Hypers and Heavy Hip Thrusts.
    I'm currently 45 years old and I really don't know for how long my body will allow me to do this (I also train Brazilian jiu jitsu) so any help you can provide to make the process to get me there quicker (like how much weight should i jump every cycle, accessory exercises, etc) will be greatly appreciated.

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    I guess I should move this thread to the No Bull section?


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