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So what happened last night?

I thought you guys were all saying that the stream was great last night?

Let this be a lesson to you guys. START SAVING YOUR PENNIES NOW and just get your asses over here next year.

I think 2019 will be epic.

EDIT: Even though I'm being serious, I realize it's unrealistic for some of you.
That's not really the lesson... It's so embarrassing that this industries championship can't even be viewed remotely in 2018. I can see coverage of table tennis, dodgeball, people playing fortnite, etc. But I can't see the Olympia. How is the IFBB supposed to get mainstream appeal if it can't even deliver it's main event on the net? They really should be trying to get a distribution contract with someone like Netflix but without that they need to properly market, produce and demonstrate a YouTube stream. At least the same quality as kids playing fortnite in their basement in the mid west.