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Thread: Solving Workout Problems with Victor Martinez

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    Default Solving Workout Problems with Victor Martinez

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    This is why most people that are serious about training, especially bodybuilding training for competition maintain detailed training journals/logs.
    No way could I evaluate my training and diet trend results progressions over time and run contest preps without one.
    People serious about making training and diet progress do not "guess" at progression trends.

    Q: Do you think it is important to write down everything you eat and keep a nutrition log?
    A: Yes, doing this at least in the early stages of your bodybuilding career is how you can figure out what the best foods are for you, and which ones you should avoid. You need to write down not only what you’re eating, but also how you feel and how you look. By doing that, I found that white bread bloats my waistline badly, and dairy products also make me look and feel bad. A food diary is also a great tool for when you’re trying to either gain weight or lose fat. If you’re trying to gain and the scale isn’t moving, how would you know how many more calories or grams of carbs to add, for example, if you have no idea how much you’re already eating? The same goes with dieting. It’s very important to know the amounts of macros you’re taking in so you can make adjustments. Otherwise you’re just guessing, and guessing doesn’t cut it when first place is on the line. So write it all down and then you can add or subtract, and see how that works. If you aren’t gaining or losing, you add or subtract again. Knowing exactly where you are lets you make those adjustments so you’re not one of those guys who says crap like, “I eat and eat and I can’t gain weight” or “I’m eating perfectly but I’m not losing any weight!”

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