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Thread: Eduardo Correa is back!

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    correa looking huuuuge again nice to see

    has gotten many awfull calls in judging , used to be the shiiiit ..
    Muscular development on the muthafucking rize, Jesus please protect m.D

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    Quote Originally Posted by rroberto View Post
    he is making a comeback, i think it says something about it.

    Iím sorry to bring this up again but I must. You will say itís genetics and hard training and yet he looks like a regular person and nothing special. So please stop using that lame excuse. Itís drugs first, hard training, then genetics. You can switch 2 and 3 around but number 1 is the most crucial in getting to a whole different level
    This may shock you but bodybuilders arenít born huge you know? If Edwardo was injured heís hardly going to be training, if at all. His food will be reduced and yes, he will downsize. It takes a lot of work to maintain as much size as he does when heís at his biggest- itís a full time job.

    But no, itís ALL gear isnít it?

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