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Thread: Flex Lewis comes back in 2020, what happens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Raymond View Post
    I think we can all agree this Years Olympia was the best hes ever looked, biggest, hardest, most complete ever! Well he weighed 209 on stage. Id say him putting on 16 pounds of muscle in 18 months would be a big mistake. He & Neil are both too smart for that. I stand by 215-218 stage weight, hed look 225 so it doesnt matter!
    I can see him winning Mr. Olympia at 215, especially if the added mass is mainly in his back.
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    Flex is not much improved over the years given the weight limit and he has done open shows before. He looks tiny versus the open guys, he may be a better quality bodybuilder then most, but winning Olympia.. that is quite the long shot imo.

    I think he lacks chest thickness, great ab symetry and lats flare in front and back poses. And given his height and size in general, he will look to small and 2 narrow when compared to the bigger gents. Imagine a bit smaller version of Bonac.

    Though, in overall quality Flex is freaky, and personally I hope he will win, he is the kind of person the sport needs to do something never been done before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.j View Post
    phil heath is up to 275 pounds he will come back in 2020 and destroy all opponents

    he told me he is training like he did in 2006 will be lights out
    Oh shit, imagine if Phil pulls a 2009 Cutler, wins again with ease in 2020 then walks over to the mic and says okay, now Im retiring! Drops the mic and strolls off into the sunset, done and dusted?

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    yes would be epic to see Phil Heath at 100% vs a 100% Big Ramy and a 100% Nathan DeAsha...then Flex Lewis can't do anything about those guys..
    i think Roelly and Bonac have almost hit there peak limit power level so they can't fuck with those top guys once they power boost

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    my dream is to see a press conference where Nathan is shit talking Phil and Ramy...
    then Phil and Ramy take there shirts off and fuse like this to form Dorian Yates.. then Nathan's eyes widen and he falls off his chair..
    Peter McGough starts to cry then has a heart attack

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