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Thread: Coaches who advise mega doses...discussions need to be started, accountability is now required

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    Yep. Iíve heard guys say they took 2.4gm a week!!
    Three different times I shot 150 a day... didnít sleep! Lol knew I was t able to do that!

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    Holding an athlete to account only is one of the problems though.

    Some bodybuilders I talk to have only ever prepped with coaches, they follow instructions to the letter, but doing it this way they don’t really learn anything themselves through trial and error.

    So the supposed knowledgable and experienced coaches who then advise an athlete to mega dose are the ones responsible, that’s how I see it.

    Seems to me these coaches are maybe winging it on the diet and training advice then covering their tracks by writing out crazy courses to plug the gaps that account for their lack of knowledge?

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