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    My name is Rob M.

    I was never into body building in my youth. Being that I was 6'1" and 140lbs, the weight room was the most intimidating place on my campus for me. It wasn't until I was 19 years old that I even picked up my first weight. For about two years I blindly went to the gym 2-3 times a week, just feeling better knowing that I went, but never seeing any results. It was around that time that I picked up my first issue of Muscular Development. Seeing the pictures of these massive athletes with veins the size of my arms captivated my attention. Reading articles about fellow Texans such as the then current Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and the “People's Champ” Branch Warren always helped motivate me. I even remember reading Dave Palumbo's Q&A's to soak up as much information as possible. Using all the information and motivation I got from MD, I got more and more involved and educated in our sport of body building. MD's forum has also proven to be a reliable resource for almost any question I've ever had, even though I've hesitated from posting myself.

    Once I started learning the right way to handle my training and nutritional planning, I started to see the results I desired so much. More and more I got sucked in the world of body building, so much so that it literally changed my life. I took a job at an area gym, using my breaks to workout and always trying to talk to the trainers and local competitors to continue soaking up as much information as possible. I have my own fridge there to store my daily meals and an area for my training logs, gloves/straps, and supplements. The gym has become my second home, and I hope to use it to take me to the next level.

    I've already announced my plans to compete in the 2008 season in my first show ever. I have my friends, family, staff, and member base behind me and I cannot let them down. You will not find anyone more dedicated or teachable than myself. I know I've come a long way from the first time I went into the gym and was benching with just the bar, but I'm still a ways off from being a serious threat at a competition. I need your help to get me there and this contest is the best way to do it! With MD's help and my determination, I know I can make the advancements needed to become a well-rounded competitor and make my first competition a memorable one!

    Beginning Stats:
    17% BF

    Current Stats:
    10% BF

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    Default Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business

    Tired of being skinny a Biology nerd at UC Berkeley, I took a very scientific approach to building muscle and dove headfirst into the magazines seeking to change my physique. Printed media has provided insight into my bodybuilding life more than any other influence. As a freshman you’d find me perusing the stability ball filled pages of Men’s Health. After exhausting that resource I turned to thumbing through pages of Muscle and Fitness and when that was not enough, I graduated to the smoke and mirrors of a magazine that Weider AMI calls Flex (aka “drugs? what drugs?”) I am of the belief that once you buy Arnold’s Encyclopedia (or just see Pumping Iron,) it’s all over; bodybuilding is a virus that digs its claws into your DNA and refuses to let go. That’s exactly what happened to me.

    Unfortunately for the first few years I was one of the thousands of kids out there who’d look at a Cell-Tech ad and think, wow, Jay Cutler is big! He must drink Cell-Tech 24/7. All Cell-Tech ever gave me was the diarrhea!

    Enter the No Bull Bodybuilding Platform that is MD. Not until I cracked your pages did I realize that the wool had been pulled over my eyes and that all of the other magazines were lying to us.

    MD doesn’t mince words, and it became clear; drugs play a significant role in the world of Bodybuilding.

    As a committed natural bodybuilder ( I pass no judgment on the chemically enhanced, Gear’s just not for me,) there are two paths this realization presents you: Path one is to take this information and become discouraged, putting it out of your mind that you’ll ever have an impressive physique. The second is one of hope, of determination, and of unbridled intensity to put your nose to the grindstone and take your physique to the max, accepting no limitations.

    After much struggle with this reality I decided that I’d accept the challenges of natural bodybuilding and began going full throttle: eating crazy amounts of food, and training as hard as I could despite being forced to train in a shiny employer sponsored, grunt-prohibited gym (ironically located at the birthplace of GH, Genentech, Inc. where I’m employed) With Rammstein and Slipknot blasting in my headphones, I knew that I’d have to be the anti-social asshole who wouldn’t acknowledge the people who hit the gym to fraternize and dig deep to find the physique that was waiting for me.

    After a few years of lifting, I had the good fortune of befriending a Bay Area competitor by the name of Joel Brandwein. He convinced me that I had what it took to jump on stage and that he’d support me along the way. We set our sights on Jon Lindsay’s Contra Costa in Hayward California, May 12, 2007. With other naturals like Michael Lockett and Jeff Rodriguez wreaking havoc on the NPC, I decided that I too would do so naturally.

    Little did I know that by “support” Joel meant one-on-one posing sessions with the Great Ed Corney, and telephone consultations with the Giant Killer Danny Padilla and 1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson (Joel designs their websites pro bono, so he called in a few favors on my behalf.).

    Can you imagine what its like for a kid like me to shrug 6 plates with a 73 year old Ed Corney, after which he’d bark at me to “grab the floor with my toes” during our posing sessions? I wish everyone could be so lucky hear the Giant Killer tell me to “keep trainin’ hard and heavy through your diet” in his distinct Rochester NY drawl. And man, lucky doesn’t describe what I felt to hear the calm and eloquent voice of a former Mr. Olympia encouraging me to eat a lot of white fish the last few weeks and to go for a look and not a weight. To see stumble across Mr. Corney, Mr. Padilla, and Mr. Dickerson in my Palm Treo is truly surreal

    After 16 weeks of dieting and cardio, tanning, shaving and living clean, (unfortunately I discovered Dave’s diet with 5 weeks to go, much too late) May 12th came and went and with a disappointing 10th and 16th place finish in the open and novice classes respectively. While I was in the best shape of my life, I knew that I had so much untapped potential, and I hadn’t done justice to my advisors, these legends of this game. I felt like I let them down and I’m chomping at the bit to redeem myself. I am of the firm belief that The Bodybuilding Gods are angry with me. If Dave tells me I need to add 5 lb plate to my squat then eat it afterwards, then so be it.

    I have an immense debt to pay to the Iron Game, and to the Gods that rule the Kingdom, so for me, give me muscle or give me death couldn’t be any more accurate.

    With a team like Dave Palumbo, Victor Martinez and the Supplements from MHP, I know I can return and claim victory over every competitor, natural or not, to win the Contra Costa in May of 08!

    Ryan Yokogawa
    (ps the above stories are NOT fictitious, I'd be more than glad to verify these details if the mods would like to contact me:

    That's my first year of college, weighing about a buck 40 drippin wet.

    This is a series of shots from earlier this year at the Contra Costa. I give all the credit to Ed for making my routine, you can see lots of the open hand posing is his influence big time! Lots of room for improvement! BTW I dieted down to 170 to land in the middleweights.

    Ed Corney and I earlier this year.
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    Well I've always been a big boy, around 300 to 315 when I was in my early twenties, it has something to do with family genes my whole family is large. In my late twenties was when I found out about working out and dieting. I got down to about 230, but at the cost of lossing the little muscle I did have. I recieved a couple of pointers from some trainers andthe gym owners, but could never afford a trainer for myself. Then later I started to work the desk at the local gym and watch some of the people who competed work out and then copy there routine. I never could afford the supplements that apparently worked the best, so I just bought the basics. Protein powder(the most bang for my buck but not the best tasting), aminos and thermos. I've always wanted to do a show but never could find a good partner to drive me, the money for supplements and just the right motivation to get over the hill. This past July I turned 30 and in Nov got married (so there went even more of my money), hopefully she wont read this. In 08 I will be doing my first show, I am definatly doing the local show in sept. but will look at the schedule to see if there is another one sooner. Hopefully if I get choosen you guys can give me back that drive, motivation and knowledge to show people what truely lies inside and break the family gene of being large.
    You guys are the best. I BOW DOWN. Marcus C.
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    It's now almost 5 years to the day that I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Prior to that I was a reasonably fit, strong and active young man (28). Before I could blink I had been through surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The rigours of this meant that any appetite that I may have had, completely dissipated; my energy levels were at an all time low; and my weight dropped from a slim 140lbs down to an emaciated and drawn 112lbs (and this at a height of 5ft 7ins!).
    As you may be able to imagine my psyche, self image, and self confidence took a bit of a dent and unfortunately I went into a downward spiral of depression for a period.
    Thankfully the love of a good woman (now my wife) brought me to my senses and made me realise once more that life is for living. (and I'm delighted to say that my illnes looks to be far!)
    With a lift in my psychological well being I decided that it was time to try and give my physique a bit of a lift as well. A 112lbs guy is not much of a specimen!
    Over the past 3 years I have begun training like a bodybuilder, putting in the workouts, eating the six meals per day, trying to get adequate rest ect.
    The improvements were slow but steady and I am pleased to say that my weight is now up to 170lbs. To be fair a large part of that was regaining my previous pre-ilness weight (which came fairly quickly). The next 3olbs has been a fight to say the least.
    Now you may wonder what on earth I'm doing throwing my name into the hat when I've made good imrpovements over the past few years? Well, I'm stuck!! My weight has plateaued, and despite changes to calories, macronutrient ratios, cardio, training programmes ........I'm stuck! My short term goal is another 10lbs of lean mass with a longer term to get to 200lbs.
    So I'm here to seek some expert help; and whom better than the Muscle Mob and MHP.
    So give me muscle or give me death! Im willing to do wahtever it takes. As
    Swarzenegger himself once said " I'd eat a pound of horse shit if it gained me an ounce of muscle!"


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    him myname is luis quinones i been working out for the past 5 year and i am not getting no where idid all type of workout and i amstarting to get piss off but i will not give up my good friend max told me about the contest so saw the contest what you had last year and it blow my mind the 4 people you pick was fai and now they look so good and that what i want to lookand feel good about my self and if you pick me that will be the best birthday gift in the world right now i am 210lb i want to be 180bl cit i have problem building my back, arm,and side/back delt and getting the fat off my belly so i hope to talk to you soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveleiper View Post
    Swarzenegger himself once said " I'd eat a pound of horse shit if it gained me an ounce of muscle!"
    And this is why bodybuilders are thought to be mentally retarded.

    Seriously, goodluck, but don't eat any horse poo.

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    Bodybuilding and building muscle is very important to me. I picked up my first Muscle and Fitness when I was 17. I realized Muscular Development and Flex were much better magazines and have been picking up training, nutrition, and motivational tips from them ever since.
    Currently, I am 21 and working towards leaning out to see my true potential for bodybuilding. I weigh 197 lbs and would like to get to about 180 lbs of ripped muscle. I have come up from 155 lbs to almost 200 lbs but am eager to make some serious progress in 2008. My potential is pretty good, and my goal is to become a professional bodybuilder. Often time that goal is sidetracked a bit because of all time spent on schoolwork, part-time job, and chores. If I don’t ever become a pro bodybuilder, it won’t be for lack of effort. I string together hard grueling workouts in order to make progress. I am very consistent in my training usually working out 4 to 5 times a week. My nutrition plan isn’t terrible, however it could be better. I am often going out to my car between college classes to down a crappy whey protein shake and some oatmeal with peanut butter. From time to time I’ll have a can of tuna with me as well. Other than that I have chicken or hamburger meat, wheat bread, milk, rice, and a few other things. My girlfriend goes the University of Iowa which is about an hour drive, and whenever I travel to see her my nutritional plan seems to fall by the wayside even though I try to plan out meals. I have heard great things about the MHP products and am confident that they would really supplement my nutritional plan and boost my performance in the gym. I may not be as big as some past guys on the MHP transformation challenge but give it time and I can make great improvements. My heart makes up for it.
    Thank you for no Bull Radio which allows me to stay up on all the latest news, training and nutrition advice, as well as heartfelt bodybuilding stories. Thanks Steve, Dave, and John for all of your hard work. You truly have the greatest bodybuilding website and magazine available. It would truly be an honor to receive hardcore bodybuilding advice from the best in the business. This challenge has given me the desire to work harder than ever. With the help of MHP and MD I believe I can win the contest, and who knows, maybe I can become one of the few professional bodybuilders from Illinois.

    Sorry about the camera, I had nobody to take pics and it's the only camera I had.

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    These are my pictures to go with my story that I posted earlier. 11/29/07 196lbs.
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    Default 2008 MD "Give Me Muscle or Give Me Death"

    I started lifting weights (I wouldn't even call it bodybuilding at that point) about 8 years ago. I had just graduated from high school and was battling the fat-guy self image. I continued lifting weights throughout college, I saw some results but they were never as dramatic as the results of friends or those crazy ads in the magazines.

    It wasn't until I had graduated from college that I say that I actually began bodybuilding. I was reading the basic magazines Muscle and Fitness and Flex, chasing all those new fad routines hoping to see amazingly fast results. Of course I never maintained a routine long enough before switching programs to see any true differences.

    Now I have more experience under my belt, but still feel like I am only sitting the bench in the iron game. I have committed to a program that I felt would bring about the dramatic growth and development I hoped to see in my physique. I have been very consistent going to the gym religiously, trying to eat well (but I know my diet is severely lacking).
    I am currently 26 years old, 220 pounds, and have a double digit bodyfat percentage (last time I had it measured, it was about 18%).

    My girlfriend of six years and I recently broke up, but instead of letting it get me down and affect my bodybuilding goals I am taking all that energy and focusing it all into getting the dominating size and best conditioning possible. My ex-girlfriend was never truly supportive of my goals for my physique; she was the prototypical outsider looking in with disgust over
    the sheer size and bulging veins depicted in the magazines. I can remember a couple times where she would tell me that I should stop lifting weights and focus more on cardio.

    I never had any delusions about becoming as big as Ronnie Coleman or dethroning Mr. Olympia, but I do have a great desire to build the best possible physique I can. I am fully dedicated to making any changes and pouring in as much time, blood, sweat, and tears necessary to accomplish my bodybuilding goals. I am truly chomping at the bit hoping that I will be one of the people chosen to work with Dave Palumbo, Mr. G, and Victor Martinez. One of the biggest inspirations and motivational tools I use in my training is watching the DVD "The Road to the Olympia" and watching the MDTV clips "In the Trenches". I remember watching Victor Martinez and Kai Greene working arms in one episode and watching Desmond Miller totally kill back in another series. It would be surreal for me to work with these amazing figures of bodybuilding.

    I know that training is only one aspect of building a great physique, and my diet has been my downfall. I know that being given the chance to work with Dave Palumbo would give me a better understanding of a bodybuilding diet and I would finally be able to see my abs!

    I know my goals are very ambitious ... looking to pack on more and more muscle and getting shredded at the same time, but I am totally focused on making my physique the best it can possibly be and willing to hand over everything to Dave, Mr. G, and Victor to make it happen.

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    Default Hey Judges

    Hello, I am 39 years old and been training for 20 years off and on. I am 6' 2" and 258lbs. This summer I decided to do a show for the first time in my life. My show is in August of 2008 so this would be perfect for me to put on real size before having to diet down for the show, never been on a diet in my life (LOL). Thanks for your consideration. Have pics couldn't download.
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    Here Are some pics from my post earlier. Currently about 310 to 315 but would like to come in at about 260 to 275. Thanks again.
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    well I will certainly throw my hat in since I don't see any ladies in the thread yet...

    I've always been overweight, but in high school I reached just shy of 200lbs (198) at 5'2" that's WAY too much to be carrying around! but once I went off to App St. I discovered the world of lifting...I've always had issues with cardio since I had asthma but when I discovered that the legs I had built up in my years of skating had some actual strength to them I was thrilled...I felt like I was accomplishing something for the first time in a long time...

    but over the years I discovered lifting had much more to offer than a new was a release...and an aid to help keep me from going over the edge...I deal with serious bouts of depression...have been since I was 13...but lifting helps to keep me more focused...and, as I discovered two years ago, it helps me to deal with chaos in my life...and then lead me to my first bbing show, a natl qualification, and then this year a natl level debut at three shows...

    but now I'm here in the offseason...went through a hideous rebound and subsequent severe depression...but now I'm back in the swing of things and lifting hard...I have some serious gains to make to my upper body and some serious leaning out to do at the same time...and while my legs are still growing like weeds, I seem to be stuck with the upper...this 16wk transformation is the thing I think I need to get my back and arms growing like they need to...I am in need of balancing out my look so that I can be known for more of a balanced package and not "the LW with the quads" (although that's still a fun thing to be known for!)

    here's some two week-ish old pics...I have some slight changes from these but not too much...but I feel like there is SO much more potential I have yet to unlock...and who knows, maybe a MW class awaits me this year after all!
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    Default MHP Give me muscle or give me death

    My story:

    Well i guess it begins like most people's stories do, I was a shy, laid back kid in high school who was kind of a geek. After entering high school I noticed the kind of attention athletes (specifically football players) got from girls and the respect they got from guys, so I decided I would play football and needed to put on some weight. I was fairly thin from playing soccer my whole life, and began my quest for a muscular physique at 16 yrs old, 6' tall, about 155 lbs.

    After about a year of training I had gotton up to 175 lbs and was feeling good, until football season came. WE SUCKED, and did not win a single game my junior year. So I got serious about lifting, and in the offseason I gained 20 lbs through hard training, better diet, and using some supplements. I also improved all of my lifts signifacantly and improved my 40 yard dash time from 5.2 to 4.7 seconds. I was convinced that weightlifting worked. I started at linebacker that next season, but we only won 1 game. (I guess it doesn't make much of a difference if only 1 person improves over a year).

    After high school it was off to college (Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI). I remember people saying to me that I would quit working out after going away to school, they were wrong. Over the next year and a half I bulked up to 223 lbs with less than 10% bf. It was by chance that a friend told me about a bodybuilding contest in my hometown (Cadillac, MI), I could not resist the opportunity to compete.

    I dieted for only 10 weeks (cause I didn't know about it sooner) and went from 223 lbs to 189 lbs and competed at that weight. I won the novice class (2006) and was hooked. Since then I have totally embraced the bodybuilding lifestyle.

    The next year (2007) I competed again in the Cadillac Classic and improved signifantly (3rd in tall class), I competed at 187 lbs, but looked bigger and harder. However, being a full time college student and working part time it was a real challenge in preparing for the show. I did all of my diet, training on my own a did pretty well for being 21 yrs old and being so busy.

    Since the last show I have bulked up to 221 lbs and stayed at about 8% bf, which brings us to the present. I am interested in this challenge for several reasons:
    1. I have never had professional diet or training advice (because I am a poor college student) and believe with it I can take my physique to the next level.
    2. Michigan is one of the fattest states in the US and i would like to set and example for my fellow Michiganders
    3. I would love the opportunity to use some of the industry's best supplements and represent MD and MHP
    4. I would like to compete this spring and this challenge would put me in the best shape of my life and help me be more competative
    5. I believe I can win this challenge

    Thank you for your consideration
    Darby O'Hara

    Some additional info
    Full time student (accounting)
    Current stats
    6' tall
    221 lbs
    approx 8% bf
    22 years old

    Thanks again Dave and John, I love the magazine and the website and No Bull Radio
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    Default Give me muscle or give me death

    Here are the pictures for my post.
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    So yeah...
    I'm 19 years old and have been interested in weights since I was about 13. I had a bit of an eating disorder, and at age 14 weighed about 120lbs at 5'9. It was eventually broken by a couple of extreme occurrences, and then the journey started at about 16 I'd say.
    The summer after sophomore year, I lifeguarded for the YMCA and had nothing better to do with my time than work and workout before or after my shifts. That summer I gained about 30 lbs. going from 130 to about 160. Granted this wasn't shredded muscle, and was most likely caused by the lethargic lifestyle + weight training. I liked what happened and wanted to continue getting bigger, but was constantly set back by injuries (broken arm from inline skating, and fractured arm-road rash-and puncture wounds from a motorcycle crash). So progress was always hindered but my determination was 2nd to NONE! You'd see me in the gym still bandaged up lifting what I could. This, of course, wasn't the smartest choice but no harm done.
    I graduated high school at about 165 and 10-11% bf.
    Once I got to college I hit the gym and the (buffet style) cafeteria daily and gained about 15 lbs. my first semester....coming to about 185.
    It has been a year since then and I've had a lot of crap happen, but one thing has remained constant- my training and nutrition!
    I'm a bit ocd when it comes to this, and do fairly well living in a dorm. My closet doesn't exactly look like a normal guy's would as it is filled with canned chicken, olive oil, powders and all that jazz.
    The thing is I weigh about 182 lbs now at approximately 6-8% bf....and that's after "bulking" for a year!!!!!!
    I know the first thought is he's simply not eating enough, and that's most likely correct. But given where I'm at, and what I have to work with (since gaining quite a bit more knowledge I'm not really able to eat much of the crap they serve in the cafeteria), so I feel that this contest would do me a lot of good. I could really use the extra macros from some free supplements and it'd be more than an honor to be a part of a transformation challenge and show you all and myself what can happen.

    For reference: I'm natural (pretty obvious) and want to size up enough to hopefully compete in a year or two. My nutrition is dead on and simply lacks the amount needed for faster growth. That is, dead on until one of you three tell me otherwise...

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    ....sorry for the pictures being so big. Tried to resize afterward but couldn't figure out how too.
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