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My coach told me to start accept steroids. I am new to all of this. After all,it's not secret, that steroids is
the most effective means for a set of lean muscle mass and increase strength. I decided to try.
On another forum, peole advised me a website where you can buy them. thepharmacom.com.
Some of you made the order on this site?What are you thinking about it?
Your info is wrong. Diet is 80% of your fitness goal. Exercise is 15% and Genetics / Steroids make up the remaining 5%. You can NEVER out exercise a bad diet and steroids cannot allow you to eat what you want and still get ripped and built. You MUST have a great diet first. I highly recommend getting the help of a sports nutritionist first. A great Internet based one is www.3jsdiet.com. Here is a picture of one of his clients - a 6 month transformation:

Contact him first, he is far cheaper than a single steroid run.