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    Default WEEK 3 (SUN)

    Today was my off day. I kept to the diet strictly. Other than that, my day consisted of going to church and laying on the couch watching the Wildcard Playoffs. Just like last Sunday, I felt my legs get sorer and sorer as the day progressed. That's a good feeling when you know they were blasted the day before!

    Tomorrow is when I post my "end of Week 3" pics, get my body composition checked, get my measurements, and have my cheat meal. Mondays are busy days. And since it's Day 1 for me on the training schedule, I also have to train chest and calves. Oh, and did I happen to mention the hour of cardio that kicks everything off at 6 a.m. in the morning?

    I regret I didn't get my cheat meal in before Dave and Mr. G came out with the 200g limit for carbs today. Oh well, hopefully it'll be for the better body-wise. But I will miss having a limitless pig-out tomorrow night!

    So what's on the menu for the cheat meal? I call it "Griller's Delight." It consists of: grilled chicken that has been marinated in Texas Pete Hot Wing Sauce, grilled ribeye steak that has been marinated in Italian dressing, grilled Kolbasa sausage, large-sized baked potatoes, yeast rolls, and SWEET TEA! According to my calculations, I'll be under the 200g carb limit, but only by a gram or two!

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    Default WEEK 4 (MON)

    Today, I:

    1. did 1 hour of cardio at 6 a.m.
    2. trained chest and calves
    3. got my body fat checked
    4. got my measurements
    5. ate my cheat meal

    What a full day!!! Let me start by saying that today was another day where the diet was "right down the line." There was no cheating and no temptation...until it was time for the cheat meal. For my cheat meal, I ate exactly what I planned to eat: marinated grilled steak, marinated grilled chicken, a large-sized bake potato, sweet tea, a yeast roll and a slice of Hershey's chocolate pie. It was all yum-yum good. Though I don't feel drawn heavily to eat like I used to, these cheat meals provide a nice respite from the diet. It's just what we need, Dave!

    My overall weight is down, but my body fat is up from last time by .2%. Bob Kane, the director of the gym, explained that the Bioelectrical Impedance method that they use to calculate my body composition has a +/- error factor. So, he said that since my body fat had not gone down, but went up .2%, not to worry. (Maybe Mr. G. or Dave might have some input on this.) But in general, I feel some weight loss. I can go one notch tighter on my belt and others have commented that I seem to have lost some weight. I know this is anecdotal evidence, but I know my body and I have definitely seen changes. I just wish these changes would come along faster! But I'm patient and I'll wait for the changes to come to me.

    My strength poundages continue to go up. My incline presses today were up to 200 lbs. for 4 reps and I did 75 lbs. for 8 reps on incline dumbell presses. I hope the increases continue!

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    Default WEEK 4 (TUE)

    I BOMBED MY BACK TODAY!!! I couldn't wait to train back after I heard No Bull Radio. How could I not be motivated after I heard Dave Palumbo compare my back to the king's, Ronnie Coleman?

    It was also another good day of cardio and dieting. I can't say enough for Dave's diet. Plenty of food, frequency of meals, and NO HUNGER!

    Let me share this with you. An interesting thing happened today. I had someone in the gym ask me what kind of workout and diet routine I was doing. He had noticed the changes and was curious. I filled him in on the MHP Team MD Transformation Challenge. He said that he too wanted to gain muscle and lose bodyfat and asked if I could help him out. I told him I would be more than happy to pass on the principles that Dave has given us. He was really excited, so I am going to pass along to him the diet, workout routine, and recommend that he take the same MHP stack that we are on. I also plan on pointing him to Dave's Q & A thread. There is a tremendous amount of nutritional, training, and supplement/chemical enhancement information there. Anyone serious about making changes to their physique does themself a disservice if they do not avail themselves of the wealth of information on Dave's thread! I expressed to this guy in the gym that if someone has the information and motivation (thanks, Mr. G!), they will reach their goals!

    So all of that is to say this: The Transformation Challenge is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can we, the participants, benefit greatly from this, but so can others to whom we are able to pass this knowledge. Dave, Mr. G, and MHP, what you have done with the Transformation Challenge is similar to throwing a stone into a crystal-clear, still lake. Once the stone impacts the water, there are concentric circles that continue out on and on due to that initial impact. The initial impact was felt with the first Transformation, and now another stone has been hurled into the lake- the second Transformation Challenge. And the circles of impact will continue on probably farther than you guys could have imagined. You will never know the multitudes that this Transformation will indirectly impact. THANKS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!

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    Default WEEK 4 (WED)

    Well, today was textbook (with a few twists). The diet was strict- no temptations and definitely no cheating.

    Today was Day 3 of Dave's workout regimen for me; therefore, it was an off-day. Though I was off from the weights, I still did a 1-hour cardio session this morning at 6 a.m.

    When I got home, I emailed Dave and asked if I could double up on my cardio on my days off. I want to get rid of this fat as fast as I can without it being counter-productive. He replied (thanks Dave!) and told me it would be fine. So this evening, I went out to the gym for another 1-hour cardio session. (I don't know how people did this before without podcasts!)

    Tomorrow, I will incorporate Dave's mandate of adding 10 more minutes to my cardio, therefore turning a 1-hour session into a 70-minute session.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow, which is Day 4 (arms and forearms). You guys are looking great in your progress pics. I am honored to be in this Challenge with you guys, and I am proud that we have our own "gurus" (Dave and Mr. G.) leading us with our diet, nutrition, and training while MHP insures that our bodies have all that is needed regarding supplementation. Thanks guys!!!

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    Default WEEK 4 (THU)

    Well, I didn't think that 10 extra minutes of cardio could make that much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong! I guess I have geared myself mentally (and physically) to be done with my cardio after an hour. Popping on an extra 10 minutes seemed to make the whole session a bit more difficult (read: miserable), but I guess that's by design (right Dave and Mr. G?). The bottom line is that I got it done.

    My eating today was normal. Nothing much to say here but the same (which is good): I stuck to the diet and ate everything that was prescribed at the proper times. No variables, no cheating- if it's not on the list, it doesn't go in my mouth. Period!

    Training was exceptionally good today. I love training arms. My dumbell curls and hammer curls are going up. I am able to do 8 strict, clean reps with 45 lb. dumbells. On my first arm workout 3 weeks ago, I was using 25 lb. dumbells. So I'm pleased with my strength gains.

    I may have stumbled upon something. I usually take my TRAC 30 minutes before I train. I took my TRAC today, but was delayed a bit. I figure it was about 45 minutes between the time I took my TRAC and when I started training. Let me tell you: I got the best pumps today that I have ever had! It physically hurt to do the movements because my arms (both biceps and triceps) were so swelled. That was an awesome feeling! I think I'm going to start taking my TRAC 40 minutes before I train rather than 30. That will give the TRAC an extra 10 minutes to get into my system. Maybe today's skin-busting pumps were a fluke...or maybe I have stumbled onto something by giving the TRAC a little more time to do its thing! (Maybe Ilir or the MHP gurus might have a word of advice to offer on this).

    I'm looking forward to training delts and traps tomorrow. And just a note: I love BIG, FREAKY traps. I wish I had some. I remember the first time I saw big Jim Quinn. I had never seen traps like that. And still, there aren't many who can rival big Jimmy Quinn's traps. Of course, these days there is Johnny Jackson. What I would give for some Quinn/Jackson traps. Oh wait- let me use Mr. G.'s motivational visualization: I do have the traps of a Johnny Jackson and Jim Quinn. It's just that no one else has the vision to see them! How's that, Mr. G.? (You're the man!)

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    Excellent post Loom.

    I am still booking you as a "sun shade" in the summer :-)

    We have a lovely garden and your welcome to visit anytime.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pan View Post
    Excellent post Loom.

    I am still booking you as a "sun shade" in the summer :-)

    We have a lovely garden and your welcome to visit anytime.

    Thanks, Pan. If I ever got that far around the globe, I would have to look you up for a visit!

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    Default WEEK 4 (FRI & SAT)

    Since I'm combining 2 days into this one post, I'll try to be brief.

    The cardio went well. I love listening to podcasts while I do my cardio. There are quite a few bodybuilding, health and nutrition, and supplement podcasts to choose from in the iTunes store (subscribing to them is free). They are informative, so I try to increase my knowledge while decreasing my waistline during my morning "treadmill time."

    The training when great. I love hammering my delts and traps! In the past, I have always put my emphasis into basic overhead presses, but I'm discovering how pumped my delts feel from so many different types of lateral raises. The lactic acid buildup was burning me up! Combined with a great pump (thanks MHP TRAC!), my delts felt like cannon balls sitting above my upper arms.

    The diet went just as it should, but it wasn't as easy on this day as days before. All was going well until we went to dinner at a friend's home. I prepared my meal ahead of time (chicken breast and almonds) and took it with me. Everyone else had big grilled chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, big baked potatoes, big salad, and big rolls. I was doing okay, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wanted to do some serious damaged to a big, buttery, salty baked potato. But I resisted and stayed on track. No baked potato is going to get my eyes off the prize! I can wait until my scheduled cheat meal on Monday (I'll be doing a Mexican breakfast- chorizo in flour tortillas with a big glass of sugary coffee and milk [of course, staying below the 200g carb limit]). So, to summarize the day:

    Cardio: check!
    Diet: check!
    Training: Check!

    Cardio went fine. I did an hour and 10 minutes, just like I should.

    Today was Leg Day- what joy. NOT!!! Today's training was downright PAINFUL! Before I left for the gym, I committed myself to go all out ("FULL BLOWN," as Kevin Levrone would say). I was going to push myself to my physical limit today (and beyond)- no holds barred!!! And that's exactly what I did. I don't know if it was the "leave it all on the gym floor" mentality or the TRAC or a combination of the two, but I BLASTED my legs today and I had significantly higher poundages. I blasted through the squats, leg presses, hacks, extensions, and leg curls. I was fried when I was done. When I was finished, I had to walk with my legs locked out so my bones would support me. My quads and hams were exhausted. Since finishing my training today, I have done nothing but lie on the couch and watch the Playoffs. The only things I have gotten up for are to eat, use the bathroom, and write this blog entry.

    As far as my eating today, one word: TEXTBOOK.

    Tomorrow is my Off Day (Day 7). I will be posting my stats and "End of Week 4" pics on Monday evening along with having my cheat meal that night.

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    Default WEEK 5 (MON)

    Boy, am I stuffed!!! I just had my cheat meal and it was AWESOME!!! I had a Mexican breakfast- chorizo (which is eggs and Mexican sausage mixed together), tortillas, and a sugar-laden coffee! It was so go to drink a cup of coffee again! Together with the planned cheat meal, my diet went just as it should today.

    This morning I cried again while doing my hour and 10 minutes of cardio as I watched the news stories flash across the wall-mounted televisions broadcasting my Dallas Cowboys' defeat yesterday. What a sad day! But then again, there's next season, right?

    My training went well today. Since it was Day 1 of Dave's workout plan, I was doing chest and calves. My poundages went up in my incline presses, but not as much as they have been before. I am up 225 for 4 good reps. And on dumbell presses, I am handling the 80's for 8 reps on both sets. So I'm happy with my continuing strength development. Hopefully, this all means that I am either keeping or increasing my lean body mass.

    Today I had my body fat checked. I lost 3 pounds (current weight is 300 even), but I am still showing 27.6% body fat. I know Dave said that the Bio-Impedence was way off for him, but I had my body fat checked with calipers also, and the calipers seemed to confirm the Bio-Impedence measurement. Despite this, I am still seeing changes in my body. E.g., for church yesterday, I was able to wear a pair of Dockers that I had not been able to wear for some time. So even though this is anecdotal evidence, I am still pleased to be showing a loss of body fat (even if the scales, Bio-Impedence and calipers aren't moving in the direction I want them to as fast as I want them to).

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    Default WEEK 5 (TUE)

    This entry will be brief because I'm under some time constraints. I think I can get the info across without being a "ramblin' freak." Here it is:

    The cardio was just as it should be: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

    The diet was just as it should be: Just as Dave has spelled out.

    The training (back) was just as it should be: Right down the line with Dave's exercise / set / rep scheme. And I used heavier weight on my pulldowns and machine rows without sacrificing form (at least, not too much).

    Well, gotta go for this evening. You guys are all doing great. Keep it up!!!

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    Default WEEK 5 (WED)

    Today was a bummer in some regards, and great in others. First, the "bummer" part: I didn't feel too good this morning, so I didn't go to the gym and do my hour and 10 minutes worth of cardio. I figured I would be able to do my cardio after my weight training in the afternoon. Well, that didn't work out. (I'll tell you why in a little while.) But my morning got off to a bad start- no cardio in the morning and I felt guilty about it all day.

    A way in which this day went "great" was in regard to my training. I had to switch up the workout schedule a little bit. Instead of today being my Off Day, I had to train. However, when I was finished training and was about to start my cardio, I had to leave because of my job. So the short of it is this: I didn't get my cardio in today. But I'm feeling good and I have a 6 a.m. date with the treadmill!

    As far as the diet goes, it was impeccable...just like Dave wrote it out!

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    Default WEEK 5 (THU)

    Today was a good diet / training / cardio day. To begin, my cardio went fine, but it really seemed to lag at first. The first 10 mins. seemed to drag by. I thought I was in for the eternal cardio session. Happily, I got my mind on my podcast and the time seemed to go by quicker. I did an hour and a half of cardio in the a.m. and also 30 minutes this evening after I trained. That will probably not be a routine thing (until Dave & Mr. G mandate it), but I will try to hit an evening cardio session every once in a while to expedite the fat loss (hopefully).

    Since my workout schedule is a bit modified this week, I trained my back today. I used moderate weight and did not "die" on each last rep of each set. I just felt like I should incorporate a moderately intense day today instead of going all out. Maybe that's why I still had enough steam to do a little cardio afterward.

    The diet was uneventful. In other words, the diet went right as it was "commanded." What can I say? I love meat and eggs. And that chocolate MHP Probolic-SR (the ones I swapped the vanilla for) is like dessert. Man, that stuff tastes good! (Hey, and the vanilla tastes pretty good as well!) And Peanut Butter- I love it!!! Now I have to admit, meat-and-potatoes man that I am, I do have to choke down the daily salad. But that's a small price to pay and even that is getting easier and easier day-by-day. Keep on keepin' on, guys! You all are doing great!

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    Default WEEK 5 (FRI)

    Here is a short and sweet synopsis:

    Cardio: 1 hour and 10 mins at 6 a.m.

    Training: Delts and traps (exercises, sets, and reps were to Dave's workout specifications.

    Diet: Spot on.

    Well, there it is for a Friday night. I hope everyone is doing well as they continue the Challenge. You guys are doing great. Can you believe we are already into Week 5? Time sure is flying by in this 16 week Transformation Challenge! I'm lovin' it! Keep on keepin' on, guys!

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    Default WEEK 5 (SAT)

    I did my cardio as usual in the morning- an hour and 10 minutes.

    Today, my family and I went to the "big city" of Newport News, VA. It's about 40 minutes away and that's where we go to the mall, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, etc. Well, today was a shopping trip of necessity. Our washing machine "gave up the ghost" this week and so we had to go shopping for a new one. I hate to spend money on that kind of stuff, but when I mentioned just buying a washboard and asking my wife if that would do-'s just say that things went downhill from there. So, she got her new washer.

    Since we were out most of the day, I trained my legs at another gym (a much bigger and better one). As far as eating today, I had to pack a protein shake and a couple of chicken breasts along with my raw almonds when we all went shopping. Also, I had to pack my TRAC, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose, and multivitamins. Things went well. This once again teaches me that if you plan properly, staying on track with the diet, nutrition, supplementation and training is managable, even if you are "out-of-pocket" that day.

    Tomorrow is my Off-Day. Monday I will be getting and giving my "End of Week 5" stats and pics. Hopefully, there will be some changes! You guys are doing awesome! Keep on keepin' on!!! And once again, thanks Dave, Mr. G, and MHP for this opportunity!

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    Default WEEK 6 (MON)

    Wow! Is it really the beginning of Week 6 already? Time sure is flying! I wish the fat was flying off as fast, but I'm content just to be moving in the right direction. As long as I keep going in this direction, I will get there eventually!

    I did an hour and 10 minutes of cardio at 6 a.m. this morning. After training this evening, I did another 30 minutes. In the mornings, I am walking on the treadmill at a speed of 2.8. This puts my heart rate around 115 bpm. After I trained chest and calves today, I had to scale my speed back down to 1.8 for my heart rate to gradually descend down to under 120 bpm. And still, it was fluctuating between 118 and 120 bpm. I guess when you get your heart rate jacked up from intense weight training, it takes a while for it to come down.

    My training went extremely well today. I am pleased with my strength gains. I was able to get 225 on the Incline Presses for 4 reps. I did 2 sets of Dumbell Presses with 85 lb. dumbells. On the first set, I got 8 reps; on the 2nd set, I got 7 reps. I also increased my weight on the Pec-Deck flyes. All in all, I like the way my strength seems to be going...which is "up."

    Today's diet went "by-the-book." I did my meals throughout the day as Dave's diet spells out, with my cheat meal being tonight. The carnivore that I am, I had what I have come to call "Griller's Delight." (If you have read my previous posts, you'll know that I've already had this for a cheat meal once before.) "Griller's Delight" consists of grilled chicken that has been marinated in Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce. Also, there was grilled Rib-Eye steak marinated in Italian dressing. Added to that was a large, buttery, salty baked potato and massive yeast rolls. All together, it had the makings for one fine cheat meal! And to cap it off, there was a few freshly-baked Toll House chocolate chip cookies with milk. Boy, that was some good stuff!

    If it was ever possible, I'd love to get all of us Challenge participants, Dave, Mr. G, Gerard, Ilir, Jeremy and the MHP team all together to feast on some "Griller's Delight." That would be awesome!

    Well, that's it for today....

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    Default WEEK 6 (TUE)

    Things went really well with my training, diet, and cardio today. Here is the breakdown:

    I did an hour and 10 minutes of cardio at 6 a.m. this morning. After training this evening, I did another 30 minutes. My heart rate was still really high after I finish my training. Once again, I had to reduce my speed down to 1.8 for my heart rate to gradually descend down to under 120 bpm. And just like yesterday, it still fluctuated between 118 and 120 bpm.

    My training continues to go well. I am into Week 6 and my strength is still increasing. Most notably, my weights that I use for rowing (both machine and dumbell) are increasing. And what is interesting is that I am actually starting to see a vein here and there start to pop out when I am exerting myself during my sets. For someone who wonders if they actually had any veins, that was awesome. There are actually some tucked away under those layers of fat!

    Today was another "picture-perfect" day on Dave's diet. I got up this morning weighing 2 more pounds than yesterday, but I figured that was just temporary weight gain due to last night's cheat meal (at least I hope so!). But as far as the diet goes, everything was strictly right down the line.

    Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow morning after I do my cardio, I am scheduled to go by the Dr.'s office to have some blood work done. I want to see where my thyroid levels are (since I suffer from hypothyroidism). I want to make sure that they are in the high end of the normal range (especially while I'm doing this Transformation Challenge). Also, since I'm getting stuck with a needle, I'm going to go ahead and get a few more tests (cholesterol, liver enzymes, etc.) just to make sure everything is working as it should. Until tomorrow....

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    Default WEEK 6 (WED)

    Today was my Off Day on Dave's workout rotation. Though I was off from weight training, I was definitely "on" as far as my cardio. I did a session of cardio this morning (1 hour and 10 minutes) and then went straight from the gym to the Dr.'s office. I had some blood work done to determine my thyroid levels (since I have hypothyroidism). I want to insure that my levels are optimal. I'll report what my levels are when they come in.

    In addition to my morning session of cardio, I also did another hour of it this evening (since I didn't have to weight train). It all went well. (I am forever indebted to podcasts). I finished listening to No Bull Radio this morning on the treadmill.

    The diet was "spot-on" today. No mistakes and definitely no cheating! Everything's going well. I am encouraged to be doing this Challenge with you guys! Keep on keepin' on!!!!

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