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    Default WEEK 6 (THU)

    Today was an awesome day of dieting, cardio, and training. I basically did two cardio sessions again today- a 6 a.m. session of 1 hour and 10 minutes and a 4:30 p.m. session (after training) of 30 minutes. I hope with a little more cardio wherever I can squeeze it in, that I'll drop body fat quicker.

    My diet was exact. I have gotten into such a routine with Dave's diet, that it is basically a "no-brainer." It seems that I just "instinctively" know what to eat and when to eat. I can even almost eye-ball a chicken breast and know how to trim it down to 6 oz. without having to measure it (almost!).

    My training was GREAT today! I love training arms. I love a workout split that has bi's and tri's on the same day. Man, when those puppies get all pumped up from that TRAC and all that blood from those sets and reps, they feel like they're about to explode! I love that feeling!

    Another great thing about today was what is pictured below....can anyone say "Christmas in January?" Thanks MHP!!! You guys are GREAT!!!! I deeply appreciate what you are doing for us. (Thanks, Ilir, for sending chocolate Probolic!!!!)
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    Default WEEK 6 (FRI, SAT, SUN)

    As you can tell, I'm a bit behind on my postings. I'll sum up the last few days:

    This day of training was awesome. I got to hammer my delts and traps! My strength continues to go up on shoulder presses, though ever so slightly. I got up to 3 reps with 225.

    The diet was clean.

    I did a morning cardio session (1 hour, 10 mins.) and then an evening cardio session after training (30 mins.).

    As much as I dreaded it, I bombed my legs. My poundages stayed relatively the same. I did not seem to have as much energy on this day when I trained (even with the TRAC). I think it is due to me incorporating an evening cardio session for the last few days. I don't think my body has grown accustomed to a morning cardio session, an evening weight training session, and then another cardio session in the evening. I think it will get better (hopefully).

    I didn't do a cardio session after legs because I could barely walk.

    The diet was "spot-on."

    Today was my Off-Day. I have kept the diet clean today.

    Well, tomorrow is the day I post my "End of Week 6" pics and stats. It's also the evening I get my cheat meal. I'm looking forward to it! Until then....

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    Default WEEK 7 (MON)

    Today was a good day for the cardio, training, diet.....and CHEAT MEAL!

    I did 1 hour and 10 minutes of cardio at 6 a.m. I also did a 45-minute session after I trained.

    Today, I trained my chest and calves. Again, my strength improved a bit as I handled 225 for 4 reps on Incline Presses and the 90 lb. dumbells for 2 sets of 8 reps. Things are continuing to progress well as far as my training.

    The diet was just as it should be. For my last meal (Meal 6), I had my cheat meal. I'm not sure what my carb count was, but this meal was messy. Trying to keep in mind that the design of this meal is to shake things up metabolically (yeah, that's why I ate what I did!), I ate the following: 2 Whopper Jr.s with heavy mayo from BK, 1 medium fry from McDonalds, a 4 pc. chicken nugget from McDonalds, and a chocolate sundae. Wow, do I feel lethargic! Well, I am going to fall into the bed and start it all up again with cardio in the morning. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep off this blood sugar spike!

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    Default WEEK 7 (TUE)

    Today was another good day for the cardio, training, and diet. It was really uneventful...which is a good thing when you are dieting!

    This morning, I did a 1 hour and 10 minute cardio session at 6 a.m. Added to that, I also did a 40-minute session after I trained.

    I trained my back today. My strength stayed pretty much the same, but I got a tremendous pump in my lats. It was a great feeling!

    My eating went straight down the line with what Dave has prescribed. I love this diet! Here at Week 7, it has become routine for me.

    Well, that's about it for today. It was another good day in Palumbo / Mr. G. / MHP land!!! I appreciate all the encouragement and support on this board! You guys are awesome!!!

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    Default WEEK 7 (WED)

    Tonight's entry will be pretty brief. For starters, my diet went just as it is prescribed- there was NO cheating. As I have stated before, I really appreciate Dave's diet. It really is easy for me to stick with (knock on wood).

    Today was my Off Day, so instead of doing my weight training, I just threw in an additional cardio session. In all, I did about 2 hours of cardio today. (What a blessing podcasts are! Is there any way NB Radio could be done 5-days-a-week?)

    Well, that's about it. It is pretty uneventful, but I was faithful for another day...and that's what counts! It was encouraging seeing the changes in Big Jim and Big Redd's pics. You guys are animals! You both are making great changes. You guys in this Transformation Challenge inspire me. Keep on keepin' on!!!!

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    Default WEEK 7 (THU & FRI)

    Okay, I am going to have to do a combo since I didn't get around to posting last night.

    The cardio for both days was almost identical. (Well, actually the a.m. sessions were identical.) On both days, I did 1 hour and 10 mins of cardio at 6 a.m. and then on Thursday, I did 45 minutes of cardio after I trained. Today (Friday), I did 30 minutes of cardio after training.

    Yesterday I hit my arms and today I hit my delts/traps/calves. I really enjoyed both training days (mostly because I enjoy hitting those bodyparts). My strength overall stayed the same and I got really good pumps on both days (thanks MHP for the TRAC!).

    My diet has not deviated. Although I must admit that a lengthy conversation about the Golden Corral got me craving some of those HUGE yeast rolls; but instead of giving in to the temptation, I just ate my next prescribed meal and then later went to the gym and trained like business as usual.

    You guys are doing great!!! Keep on keepin' on!!!

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    Default WEEK 7 (SAT)

    I'll be brief because I am posting so late (at least, late for me). I did 45 minutes of cardio today, I trained my legs, and my diet went well. Well, that about covers it. See, I told you it would be brief.

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    Default WEEK 8 (MON)

    Today was a good day of cardio, training, and diet. I did 1 hour and 10 minutes of cardio this morning at 6 a.m. I also did 1 hour of cardio after I trained.

    My training went really well today. I trained chest and calves, and I saw a slight climb in my poundages (225 x 5 reps on Barbell Inclines; 90 lb. dumbells x 8 reps on DB Inclines).

    My diet was textbook today...even down to the last meal of the day, which was my cheat meal at The Golden Corral. Wow, am I full!

    I will be posting my pics and stats tomorrow morning. Keep on keepin on, brothers!!!

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    Default WEEK 8 (THU)

    Today was a good day of training, cardio, and diet. First of all, I hit an hour and 10 minutes of cardio this morning with another hour-long session after my workout.

    Today, I trained my delts. My strength continues to rise, though the gains are small. Still, I'll take them. I am up to doing 185 for 4 reps on Smith Machine behind-the-neck presses. And I am doing 3 plates per side on shrugs. I have to go a bit lighter than I'd like on my laterals because I try to do these extremely strict, forcing the delts to do all the work.

    My diet continues to go well. There's nothing much to report with that except that it was according to plan (thanks Dave!).

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    Default WEEK 9 (MON)

    Well, it was good to be back to the same routine in the same home and at the same gym. I really had a good bump up in my poundages. On the whole, all of my lifts went up around 10-15 reps as I worked my chest and calves today. I did 255 on Inclines for 5 reps. I got the 95-lb. dumbells for 2 sets of 8 reps. Maybe it motivated me when Aaron told me he was handling the 150-pounders!

    My diet went well today. It was good to be able to eat regularly as scheduled without having to do a lot of pre-planning (and sometimes pre-packing) like I have been doing all of last week when we were out of town.'s good to be home.

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    Default WEEK 9 (TUE)

    Today was another good day of training and dieting. I have to make this post brief and to the point: Training was fine. I trained my back and really got a good pump in my lats. My poundages in pulldowns and rows are staying the same.

    The diet was textbook today. Like I said before, it sure is good to be back home and be on a good, consistent schedule and not have to be constantly thinking ahead to wonder if I need to prepare/pack food ahead of time.

    I got my body fat checked today and the news was good. According to the measurement, I dropped from 26.3% to 25.7%. I'll take it!!!!

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    Default WEEK 9 (WED)

    Today, I had to modify my training schedule a bit. Originally, Wed is supposed to be my off day. However, since I will probably not be able to train on Sat due to company coming in for the day, I decided to go ahead and progress through the schedule and just take 2 off days at the end of the week. Hoipefully, this won't be an issue.

    My arm training went well today. I really love the feel of all those tricep extensions. They really pump my tri's up! And working them after I've blown up my bi's really makes it feel like the skin is going to burst! I love the feeling! I just wish I could see more of the defined muscle through these layers and layers (and more layers) of fat!

    My cardio went well today. I actually aded a bit more to it. Hopefully, I can keep this duration up, but it sure does eat away a lot of time. I am doing 1 hour and 20 minutes in the a.m. and then another hour in the p.m. after I train. I don't mind doing the cardio (I love the low intensity), but I just hate it having to take SOOOO much time. But, you do what'cha gotta do, right?

    The diet was exact today.

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    Default WEEK 10 (MON)

    Wow! I can't believe it's Week 10 already! Let me break down my day's physique-improving endeavors. First of all, I did an hour and 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio this morning at 6 a.m. After my training session this evening, I did another 50 minutes of cardio. I need all the cardio I can get to burn this fat off!!!!

    My training was great today. I worked my chest and calves. I did 225 for 6 reps on the Inclines and worked up to 5 reps with 100-lb. dumbells on my last set of Incline Presses. My chest felt like it was going to explode!!!

    My diet was spot-on.

    I didn't get my "end of Week 9" stats and pics today, so I will be posting them tomorrow evening. Hopefully there will be some visible changes!

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    Default WEEK 10 (TUE)

    I have to brief this evening, so suffice it to say that my training went well. I worked my back and I got a tremendous pump in my lats. Also, I was pleased to see a jump in the poundages I was using for pulldowns (with good form). I did a 1-hour, 20 minute cardio session this morning and followed that up with another hour-long cardio session after I trained this evening. My diet was spot-on. There you have it!!!!

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    Default WEEK 10 (WED)

    Well, today was my Off-Day from training. I look forward to bombing my arms tomorrow! Today, I did 2 cardio sessions- 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m. Both were 1 hour and 20 minutes each. The diet was clean and just like Dave prescribed it.

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    Default WEEK 10 (THU)

    Today was a great training day. I blasted my arms. I love the feeling of hitting my tri's and bi's together in one workout. It makes my arms feel like they are swollen to the max when I'm done. And the MHP TRAC just makes the pump so much bigger! It's awesome. I loved it!

    Because of some serious time constraints, I was only able to do one 1-hour cardio session today. And as far as my diet goes, it was exact.

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    Default WEEK 10 (FRI)

    I'll make it quick tonight since it's Friday. I trained my shoulders and traps today. It went really well. I got a great pump in my delts and traps. My poundages stayed the same.

    Concerning cardio, I did an a.m. session of 1 hour and 20 minutes and a p.m. session of 1 hour. (Gotta fight that fat, you know?)

    The diet was straight down the line.

    In all, it was another great day of training, cardio, and dieting...and hopefully one day closer to reaching my goals!!!

    It's been a while, so I gotta give Dave, Mr. G, and MHP thanks. Without these guys and the community on this board, I know I would not have been able to change my body like I have. I really appreciate all of you! This is an experience that I will always remember as the turning point in my life. Again, thanks!!!

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