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    Default WEEK 10 (SAT)

    Today was another good day of training. I started the day off with an 8 a.m. cardio session that lasted an hour and 20 minutes. I bumped up my speed to 3.0 on the last 20 minutes. It seems that it's taking a faster pace to keep my heart rate high (and that's a good thing!).

    Around 1:00 p.m., I went to the gym and trained my legs. Though I really dislike training legs, I really hit them hard. I could barely walk out of the gym when it was over. Even now, my legs are still feeling swollen and stiff. It was a great leg workout!

    My diet was spot-on.

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    Default WEEK 11 (MON)

    This was supposed to be put up yesterday, but I ran out of time. I got a call from my buddy, Big Redd, and he had to give me the rap-down of the AC. I enjoyed our conversation. He had an awesome time over there (as you can tell from his pics). So anyway, here is my blog of yesterday's events.

    I trained my chest and had a good workout, although at the very end, I felt like I had the energy sucked out of me. Be that as it may, I was able to get through the first half of my workout (the hardest part) with intensity and I even added a little weight to my Inclines and DB Inclines. But when I got to Machine Inclines and flyes, I was all blown up. I did have the energy to do about 85% of the weight I normally do on those exercises, but that was it. But all in all, it was a hard workout and I got a very good pump!

    As far as cardio goes, I did an hour and 20 minutes in the a.m. and another hour in the p.m. following my training.

    The diet was exact- no deviations!

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    Default WEEK 11 (TUE)

    Everything went fine today. I had 2 good cardio sessions, a morning session of 1 hour and 20 minutes and an evening session of 1 hour. I trained my back today. My poundages actually increased again. I am so grateful to see my poundages increase while I'm dieting. I'm scared that they will stop at any time, but I'm taking what I can get. And speaking of diet, it was exactly as Dave has specified today...not even any temptations. Well, that's it for today!

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    Default WEEK 11 (WED)

    Today I had to switch things up a bit. It was supposed to be my Off Day, but I had to train because I will need to take an Off Day tomorrow. So today, I trained my arms. I really loved it. My poundages stayed the same on my biceps training, but I moved up in weight on all of my triceps exercises. And man, did I ever get a pump today...and it lasted a long time, too.

    I did my customary two rounds of cardio: 1 hour and 20 minutes in the a.m. and 1 hour in the p.m.

    The diet was exact.

    Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge. I will be out and about, so I will have to pre-pack and plan my meals accordingly. Also, I'm due for a cheat meal tomorrow evening. I'll let you all know how everything goes....

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    Default WEEK 12 (MON)

    I had to switch things up a bit when I trained my chest today. It seems I injured my back a little the other day and it has been a little sore. As a result, I decided not to do Dumbell Presses because it requires me to lift two 100-pound dumbells off of the floor and up to my chest. Instead, I stayed with Incline Presses and Smith Machine Inclines today. Hopefully, I can resume the standard program next week. Added to that, I did Machine Flyes and also trained my calves.

    I did an hour and 20 minutes of cardio in the morning and another hour in the evening after my weight training session.

    The diet was spot-on!

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    Default WEEK 12 (TUE)

    Everything went well today. I did 1 hour and 20 minutes of cardio in the a.m. and then another hour of cardio in the p.m. after I trained. I trained my back today. Even though I'm continuing to diet, it seems that I'm still picking up strength (for which I'm thankful!).

    The diet went well today. I'll be having my cheat meal on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that. I think it'll be barbequed ribs, baked potatoes, yeast rolls, with Alabama sweet tea. Is it Thursday yet?

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    Default WEEK 12 (WED)

    Well, today was my Off Day from weight training, but I still did cardio. Because of my schedule, I was only able to get one session in today. I did an evening session of cardio that lasted an hour and 20 minutes. The diet was followed strictly! (I can't hardly wait for tomorrow night's cheat meal!)

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    how do i start or do my own personal blog so i can keep all up to date.. this blog post thing is new to me.. can you help me understand?

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