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Thread: Tim's Destination to Big and Lean

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    This has been a tough week to get workouts in. I did shoulders the other day. Yesterday did chest.

    1-29-14 Powerhouse Owosso
    Humansport Chest 4 sets, 20,15,12,8
    Free Motion Chest press 4 sets, 20,15,12,8 last set was with the stack!
    Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 75x20, 80x15, 90x12,100x8

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    2-2-14 Legs - Powerhouse Owosso
    2-4-14 Chest - Powerhouse Owosso
    2-6-14 Back - Powerhouse Flint
    Lat Pulldown, Hammer Front Pulldown, Hammer Shrug Machine Deadlift, Glass DB Row

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    2-7-14 Powerhouse Flint
    DB Curls
    Tricep Pressdown
    Preacher Curl
    DB Tricep extension
    Freemotion Curl

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    Diet is going good, energy is not too bad most of the time . bodyfat is definitely going down , and strength is going up. Time to keep moving !

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    Friday and Saturday I ended up not eating enough at ALL. Busy at the gym and skipped too many meals. So Sunday had some cheat food and increased the grilled chicken too. Today so far has been perfect. Now about to hit legs !

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    leg workout as good,

    Powerhouse Gym Owosso
    Leg extensions 20,15,12,8
    Leg Curl 20, 15, 12, 8
    Hack Squat 0x20, 90x15, 180x12, 270x8
    Step ups 12, 12, 12 ,12
    Plie Squats 30x20, 40x20, 50x15, 60x12
    Leg Press 180x20, 360x20, 540x15, 630x15

    Felt good, had a nice big chicken, steak, rice meal .

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    Body is feeling good, weight is coming down, strength up, what else could you ask for !?!?

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    not with the body i used to have...


    Too many pages to look through, what the goal? How far from it are you? Strong, big or lean... Or all the above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by USEALITTLE View Post
    Too many pages to look through, what the goal? How far from it are you? Strong, big or lean... Or all the above?
    A little bit of it all, at the moment just leaning out while trying to stay big. I dont want to lose an ounce of muscle lol

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    I have been training early in the morning, 6:30am or so. Not the best, too early, but its what I have to do right now!

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    Wow its been awhile ! Now we are back in Texas. Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant just challenged me to drop 40lbs. So here we go!!

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