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Thread: Tim's Destination to Big and Lean

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    1-8-10 7am Home
    Cardio on empty
    Elliptical 20 minutes
    Treadmill 25 minutes

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    1-8-10 Gold's Gym Flamingo 1pm

    V-ups 15x4
    Hanging Leg Raises 12x4
    Crunches 15x4
    Lying Leg Raise 12x4

    DB Shrugs 70x15, 100x15, 140x14x2
    Machine Shrugs 90x15, 180x15, 230x15x2
    Smith Shrugs 90x15, 180x15, 270x15,360x15

    Hammer Shoulder Press 45x15, 90x15x2, 135x12
    Cable Side Laterals 40x15x4
    Incline Db Front Raises 15x15x4

    Trained with Cyd today. Ginger could not make it. I did not keep track of the workout as we were doing it, so this is from memory, but I do think its pretty accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeamAwesomeBody View Post
    1-4-10 Gold's Gym Flamingo/Sandhill 2:30pm

    Leg Extension 100x15, 140x15, 180x15
    Hack Squat 90x15, 180x12, 270x15, 360x12, 450x12
    Leg Press 360x15, 540x15, 720x15, 1000x15x2
    Squat 135x12 225x12 315x8x2

    Trained with Cyd today, Ginger was busy so she could not really train.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamAwesomeBody View Post
    1-6-10 1pm Golds Gym Flamingo/Sandhill

    Decline Bench Press 135x15x2, 225x12x2
    Incline Bench 135x15, 225x12x3
    Flat DB Press 90x12x4
    DB Pullovers 75x12, 80x12x3

    Today I felt like I was not as strong as I should be. Trained with Ginger and Cyd. Overall though, it was a good workout.
    I bolded what I liked, good job!

    You and me could train together based on the weight you use. I wish I could train with some of you guys sometimes.

    Everything looks good in here! Keep it up!
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    Sounds good, anytime you come to Vegas, let me know!

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    1-9-10 Gold's Gym Eastern 9:30am

    Lat Pulldown 105x15, 150x15, 210x15, 225x15
    One Arm DB Row 130x10, 140x10, 150x10x2
    Hammer Row 140x15 360x12 450x12 540x8
    Low Cable Row 155x15, 205x15, 255x15x2

    Trained with Ginger. We dont like morning workouts, but we needed it to be done today!

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    1-10-10 Golds Gym Flamingo 5pm

    Seated DB Curls 35x15, 40x15, 45x12, 50x10
    Standing Cable Curls 40x15x4
    Hammer Machine Curls 70x15x2, 80x12, 95x10
    Seated Hammer Calf Raises 110x15x2, 200x15x2
    45 Calf machine 180x15, 360x15x3,
    Donkey Calf 160x15, 200x15, 300x15x2

    Ginger and I trained with Cyd. It was a good workout for being so late in the evening.

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    So I am behind on posting. I trained everything, its allon schedule, but I did skip some days posting. Here is what I have up to now.

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    1-13-10 Gold's Gym Buffalo 4pm

    Leg Extension, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Smith Reverse Lunges.

    We trained with Brad, and we were very short with time. So we did what we could.

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    1-15-10 Gold's Gym Flamingo 4pm

    Lat Pulldown, Hammer High Row, DB Rows, Barbell Rows, Flex Dorsiflexor Machine

    We trained with Cyd

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    1-16-10 Gold's Gym Buffalo 3pm

    Standing DB Curls, Straight Bar Cable Curls, Barbell Curls, EZ Preacher Curls
    Rope Cable Pressdowns, Dips, EZ Tricep Extension

    We trained with Brad and Cyd.

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    1-17-10 Gold's Gym Stephanie 4pm
    Hammer Machine Shrugs 180x15x2, 270x15x2, 360x15x2
    Barbell Shrugs 225x15, 315x15, 405x15x2
    DB Shrugs 150x15x4

    Seated DB Side laterals 15x15, 20x15, 30x15, 35x15
    Hammer MTS Shoulder Press 4sets (I dont remember weights!)
    Hammer Shoulder Press 50x15, 100x15, 145x15x2
    Life Fitness Shoulder Press Front 100x15, 140x15, 160x15, 180x15
    Life Fitness Rear Delt Machine 140x10x5, 120x10, 110x10

    Today Ginger and I trained. I did traps then we both did shoulders. We did FST-7 on rear delts. My shoulders were spent!

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    Gold's Gym Flamingo 1-20-10 1pm

    Incline Barbell press 135x15, 225x12, 275x10x2

    Decline Barbell 135x15, 245x12x3

    Hammer Decline 55x15, 100x15, 145x12x2

    Cable Crossover from Bottom 40x15, 60x15, 80, 15x2

    We trained with Cyd, it was a good solid workout.

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    Gold's Gym Flamingo 1-19-10 3:30pm

    Cybex Leg Extension 50x15, 100x15, 150x15x2

    Hack Squat 90x15, 180x15, 270x15, 360x12

    Leg Press 450x15, 720x15, 990x15x2

    Reverse Hack Squat 90x15, 180x15, 270x15, 360x15

    We trained with Cyd. Today felt really good. My legs were pumped!

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    Gold's Gym Eastern 1-22-10 10am

    We were getting ready and running late to go to the FitExpo in LA, so we decided to go ahead and train. We wanted to leave early and train at Golds Venice, but it did not happen.

    So we did BACK!

    Then, Saturday and Sunday we were at the FitExpo working the NPC Active Wear booth.

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    I am super pumped about a few things. Details to come soon. Just know that big changes are coming!!

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    Last week we trained as follows:
    Monday - cardio on empty 45 minutes
    Tuesday - Chest and cardio 45 minutes
    Wednesday - Cardio on empty 45 mintues
    Thursday - Arms and cardio 45 minutes
    Friday - Legs and cardio 45 minutes
    Saturday an Sunday off

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    2-1-10 Home 8am
    Cybex Arc Trainer 45 minutes on empty!

    Stamina is going up, feeling good!

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