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Thread: How often to train each bodypart?!?!?

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    I think it truly depends on your body. I come from a very genetically blessed family when it comes to muscularity, and Ive tried everything from three times a week to once a week for each bodypart. Never been on gear.

    Three times a week seemed to just keep everything hard.

    Once a week didnt do a damned thing.

    But twice a week has given really really solid gains over the past year or so.

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    I like to train every body part once a week except for abs, chest, and sometimes calves.I feel that the chest is such a big and vast muscle with upper,lower,inner,outer,center i usually will work on upper and lower then inner and outer with emphasis on hitting the center also with the 2 workouts letting atleast 4-5 days rest before hitting it the second time in the same week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrotank View Post
    I hit each body part every 15 minutes.
    LMAO!! You damn slacker!! If you not hitten em every 10 you might as well go home and take up crochet.

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    Button Man
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    This is something that you could do as a research project. I usually shock my muscles so as to not plateau. I'll do a month where I'll train 1 body part per week, then I'll switch up the next month and do a body part every 4 days. I recover really fast though and always move up in weight. See how your body responds and work with it.

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    Train each bodypart once a week.Only train it twice if it is a weak spot for you

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    If you train a muscle group properly (getting your mind into your muscle), once a week is all it can take and recover properly, AAS or not. If on AAS, that training session will be more intense and will still require a week to recover.
    I trained 3 on, 1 off for years in my 20's and early 30's. I can say with authority that I've grown stronger and bigger more quickly working every body part once a week....smartly....very similar to the HIT system.
    Training this way avoids plateaus caused by overtraining. I also take 2-4 weeks off from training (usually following a competition) to allow recovery from any nagging injuries/soreness.
    Of course, I'm an old man......

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    I train chest and arms 2◊ a week, because these are my weak spots.
    1. Chest + triceps + calves + abs
    2. Shoulders + biceps + abs
    3. Legs + calves
    4. Back + abs
    5. Chest + arms

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    At the moment its this:

    Mon - Chest - Cardio 10-15 mins Stepmaster
    Tue - Legs
    Wed - Back - Cardio 45 mins Spinning
    Thur - Shoulders
    Fri - Arms - Cardio 10-15 mins Stepmaster
    Sat - Off

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    Each body part once a week is usually enough. Especially if you're training 'balls to the wall' Its only once a week so make sure you hit it from every angle.
    Calves, Abs and Forearms-Twice a week with 2 or 3 days in between is enough. I've found that routine very helpful.

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    only once a week..but my chest used to be weak so i hit it twice a week with 4 days in between each chest workout

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    Once a week except for calves which I hit twice a week

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    Cardio every day and weights just once a week. Not treaining for anything more than to be thin and cardiovascularly fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior View Post

    Factors to consider: training volume, intensity, dietary changes, rest, muscle group architecture (size and fiber composition), genetic abilities, age, sex, experience, level of condition, body type, metabolism, use of ergogenics (pharmaceutical, nutritional, mechanical, motivational)...
    From the experience standpoint. One should keep in mind when you starting lifting you perhaps could bench 200lbs max. Years later your doing perhaps 300lbs max. The amount of weight that is being moved throughout your chest workout has exponential increased. This in turn caused myself to need more rest than when I younger. I could train chest 3 days a week when I was a beginner. Now I generally do the same exercises and sets but need a week. Whats changed? I benched 80lbs at 15 now I bench 350lbs+ for reps. Large fibers( or more fibers ) take more time and energy by your body to rebuild stronger. Not to mention the CNS effect. The overtraining in my early years was mostly from CNS overload I believe. I was so tired most days in the gym but I worked out because I was following the pros like Lee Haneys workouts. Once I wised up and cut back to once per week per body part I have had great success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan2.0 View Post
    Train each bodypart once a week.Only train it twice if it is a weak spot for you
    Evan, but if the muscle needs the recovery time, how can working a weak body part twice a week be benefical for that muscle if it is not having the proper time to rest/recover?

    Any thoughts on this appreciated as I have gone from 2 days to one, and while I'm not really seeing gains yet(muscle growth), I am feeling better, more rested and dont feel like I'm suffering from overtraining anymore, and doing more sets.

    Also, to everyone, is the term overtraining thrown around too much?

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    At present im doing neither I train a body part three times in two weeks and use around 15 - 18 (not including warm ups) sets max per workout all sets to failure. If I did more than 20 sets a workout it might be to much but I feel ok and donít believe im over training and im not on juice.
    It goes like this.

    Week one

    Monday - Shoulders, Chest, Triceps.

    Wednesday - Legs, Back , Biceps.

    Friday - Shoulders, Chest, Triceps.

    Week Two

    Monday - Legs, Back , Biceps.

    Wednesday - Shoulders, Chest, Triceps.

    Friday - Legs, Back , Biceps.

    Then repeat cycle

    Anyone else use this set up? if I did more than 20 sets a workout it might be to much.

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    I found out that i am able to train certain bodyparts twice a week but some other bodyparts need 7 days for recovery.

    Usually it will be like this ...

    Monday: biceps and abs
    Tuesday: legs
    Wednesday: chest, shoulders and triceps
    Friday: back
    Saturday: chest, shoulders

    My pecs need to catch up with my back so i'm training them twice a weeek. Smaller muscles need less recovery than big ones so i train them twice a week.

    Back usually needs more recovery ... i couldn't do deads and pullups twice a week.

    And i'm going for moderate reps ( 8-12 ) and few sets ( 9 for chest, 9-12 for back ... ).

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