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Thread: Forum Rules: Chemical Enhancement :.

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    Default Forum Rules: Chemical Enhancement :.

    Effective immediatly...

    Muscular Development Forum Rules:

    Chemical Enhancement

    Please obey these rules - and refer new members to this thread that are in violation. Use the report bad post button to get Moderator attention in any thread. We need everyone's attention/cooperation. Unfortunately we need these little gems; they protect you as a member and the Web site as property of Muscular Developement.

    Source posting makes this place look like a hangout for illicit drug trafficking. This would get this place unwanted attention; attention nobody wants or needs here. The MD forums are for informational purposes only - find your hook-ups elsewhere.

    This is not a hangout for illicit drug trafficking. If we find out that you are attempting to gather members or are a known spammer, you may find yourself banned or suspended, pending a possible ban.
    1. If someone contacts you via PM or e-mail from these forums as a distibutor or new underground label, report them to a Mod for investigation. Generally, a reputable black market source wouldn't blindedly contact anyone.

    UGL naming puts the company at risk, as well as anybody who has ordered from them and opens the door for some owners to SPAM with their UGL name through out the forums. It also presents a possiblility that someone is collecting MD members for a massive scam op.

    Asking and posting gear prices is another baiting tool used by scammers. Don't fall for it. In reality, the best price is the one a person is willing to pay. Don't ask if you're being taken for a ride on the sucker train; you may inadvertently lead to someone else being led aboard.


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    Muscular Development Forum Rules
    The following rules govern participation as a member of the MD forums.

    Spam is unsolicited attempts to lure members off this forum to siphon our traffic for personal gain and profit. Posts should not discourage efforts by MD Staff (The Adman) to sell advertising plans in these forums. Likewise, posts should not show paid advertisers that people can promote for free; thereby decreasing the value of MD's marketing to potential online paid advertisers.

    Spam is not providing proper attribution for works cited or leaving a "copy left" for the owner of original content. People can link back to various Web sites, but their post should be in context with a discussion meant for these forums.
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