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Thread: The greatest trash talker/bem white!

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    Default The greatest trash talker/bem white!

    Did you guys here all that shit ben white was saying before the ny pro about how hes gonna win and if he doesnt place in the top 5 he will quit bb? Well i guess hes gonna quit now right! Ya that'l be the day. He didnt even come close to winning, the guys the best all right, the best shit talkin tough guy egomaniac iv ever seen.

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    well first off it was a unanimous decision with Kai takin it...he looked amazing. Secondly the only reason ben white placed so low is becuz of ben white...WHO THE FUCK TAUGHT HIM HOW TO POSE. He's got this enormous back and he cant even fully expand it for a rear lat spread. He looked really good man...but he does not know how to fuckin pose...that's what killed him...PAUL DILLET COMES TO MIND lol

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    white is a bad example for the sport. feeds into the typical stereotype of the obnoxious ego driven juicehead. he really just needs attention and all the shit talking is his way of getting it.


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