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Thread: Bruce Randall, the ultimate transformation!

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    Default Bruce Randall, the ultimate transformation!

    Bruce Randall is unique in the annals of strength/bodybuilding history for his remarkable self-transformation over a period of several months. Winner of the 1959 Mr. Universe, Randall's training journey began 6 years earlier while serving in the Marines at Norfolk Virginia. Originally inspired to bulk up and train with the weights in order to play football for the base team, Randall went from a bodyweight of 200 to 250 lbs in just a few months. After deciding to abandon his football aspirations, Randall concentrated on lifting for its own sake and bulked up another 100 lbs over the next year. His training was simple: all manner of presses and the good morning exercise were two of his mainstays. Reps in the 5-8 range. Never more than 3 sets per exercise. By 1955 Bruce was weighing 401 lbs and capable of a 685 lb good morning, 375 lb clean and press, 392 lb military from the rack, a 680 lb squat, a 771 lb deadlift, 242 lb strict curl, 482 lb bench with a pause, and a 2100 lb half squat.

    Randall then decided to reduce in size and lost 218 lbs over the next 32 weeks, ending up at 187 lbs in 1956. By 1959 Bruce was back around 220 and sported a 20 inch taper between his waist and chest: 29" and 49" respectively. Later on Randall would become a noted lecturer, strength coach for the Washington Redskins, Diversified Products representative, and author of numerous books and articles.


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    685lb good morning wow just wow..

    My lower back aches just thinking about that wow again..

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    awesome build

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    Now, was he using Hydroxycut Hardcore, or Hot Rox?
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    Randall was awesome! I have a copy of a book he write many years ago.

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    685 good mornings must've been hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siouxcountry View Post
    Holy... if I tried that with 250 I'd fold in half...

    I guess we could adapt this to do it on an exercise ball, too.

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    Thumbs up

    i would crack in half!
    HoLY SH#@!!!!!!

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    Pretty Impressive

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    He is doing what one might call a "power" good morning. It is like a back squat with very little leg involvement. You bend at the knees to protect the lower back and there is some initial thrust from the hips/legs, but most of the work is done by the lower back.

    It is a great movement and one that can be alternated week to week with deadlifts to provide overall monstrous back power!


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