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Thread: Attn: Fellow Cyclists

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    Default Attn: Fellow Cyclists

    As you know, the off season (at least for us lesser mortals) is upon us. I was wondering if anyone had a good leg routine or some good leg exercises that would help build up core and lower body strength and stamina (besides intervals/base miles). Thanks.

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    I just do 2 days a week, compound lower body leg moves:

    Squat, Front squat, leg press, lunges, step ups, that's about it. I'll probably add in deadlifts and stiff-legged deads soon.

    I try to make one day a max strength (develop the contractile ability of the muscles), fewer sets, more rest, heavier weights, and the other an "output" day more for mental development (basically just F@ck yourself up, do sets like 10x10 with 1min rest, take a light (135ish) weight on the squat and go to complete failure @ 50-odd reps, superset lunges with jump squats onto a bench, anything you can think up). Proper form is a must, armpits-to-knees on the front squat especially. Since base miles aren't the time for true hammering, the weights seem to fill the void quite nicely.

    For abs, hanging leg raise (toes touch fingers), dragon flags and bridges seem to work. Also, if you have access to a pool, grab a kickboard and do dolphin kick. Instant abs.

    That's about it.

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    20 rep squats


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