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    Default Information about the Evaluation Stage forum :.

    The purpose of this forum is to allow everyone to obtain an honest and constructive critique of their condition by a panel of bodybuilding judges. Any member can post photos during competition prep, a show, or off-season training.

    Post your photos with some background information (age, height, weight, coaches, division, class) and allow members experienced with judging competitions to offer their honest opinions of your physique.

    Keep in mind: nobody was told to hold anyone's hand. All subjective comments are made in the hopes of helping thread starters maximize their development and conditioning. Please don't take anything personal. This forum is to give you comments from a trusted panel of judges. Also allowed to comment: Forum Leaders and Moderators; MD Staff and Pros.

    New threads are categorized into: Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men's Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding and Teen. Please provide additional information in your thread.

    Here are our Forum Judges:

    Howard - "I look at the overall flow, shape and conditioning as the main things when judging. Granted you have to have enough muscle on your frame, but you gotta be ripped or you are just big and bulky. The more specific a question the better a judge can answer."

    - "I judge competitors by symmetry (balanced physique), conditioning (muscularity), muscular development and presentation. Competitors must keep in mind that this is a subjective sport. Different judges might see it differently. You should accept ones opinion or constructive advice with an open mind, to help you improve."

    - "One of the primary reasons I have enjoyed judging Bodybuilding and Figure is that you see the sport at its basic level, watching each competitor trying to best themselves by reaching their own personal physique goals. We are able to see some amazing highs, and sometimes some really difficult lows. Either way, it is always our pleasure and privilege to be able to sit at the table and partake in the experience. If I could just say one thing to those competing, that is to always remember that no matter who sits at the judges table, and no matter what their qualifications may be, the art of judging will always continue to be subjective. It is very rare that the entire table is in total agreement on an entire class. The larger the class, the more probability of discrepancies. Generally it is not a good idea to rely on what your friends and family have told you leading up to a show or after. Irregardless of their intentions, and even if they are able to truly be objective, they most likely are not qualified to offer advice that will be able to benefit you."

    Noel Fuller - "I have judged about 100 shows. Its fun but incredibly boring, out of most classes there's three good competitors and the rest are not great and those are the hardest to judge especially when there really bad. I talk to the judges on either side of me the whole time, if I see a really bad call I have them explain it to me; most of the time their dead wrong."

    IslandGirl - "When I judge, I take everything into consideration. Not only do I look for the total package: great symmetry, shape and balance, nice lines, conditioning, muscularity, but also stage presentation. Not only is it important to do your homework in the gym and the kitchen, but practicing how you present yourself on stage. Posing is very important aspect of competing and I take this part just as serious as I do with training and dieting. Bodybuilding is a very subjective sport. If you have the opportunity to speak with the judges after your show, I highly suggest you take advantage of this. I think it is very important to hear what the judges have to say and why they may have placed you where they did. Many judges will take the time to give you great advice of your strengths and weaknesses and what you could work on for your next show. And I always say, just as long as you improve your physique every time you step back on stage, then props to you!"

    Dan Kennedy - "I've competed since 1990 and I am currently at the National level in Canada. I am also a Provincially qualified judged (6 years experience). As an athlete I value the Judges' feedback and acknowledge that it is vital for my improvement. The group of people that sit closest to the stage are the ones who are empowered to honestly score and critique an athlete's physique - not your gym buddies, training partner, mother, father...etc. As an athlete I know how important constructive feedback is and as a judge I feel that it is my responsibility to guide an athlete so that they can achieve their goals. I have spent many hours in the gym and I can honestly say bodybuilding has helped shaped me to what I am today. Judging is my way of giving back to a sport that I love. Hopefully, I can guide the athletes on the MD forums sculpt a contest winning body!"

    nickfreg - "I am an NPC competitor for 6 years. I started judging last year, after being involved with organizing, expediting, competing, etc. My biggest pet peeve is stage presence (presentation/posing) - so many competitors place lower then they should because of these reasons. You can have one of the best physiques up there, but if you can't show it properly, it shows you didn't put as much effort and practice in as the guy next to you. And if it's close...guess who is placing higher?!!"

    ISABELLE TURELL - I am an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, and NPC Judge. I have been involved in the sport for 8 years. As a competitor myself I understand what everyone goes through on and off stage. When I judge, I look for overall astethics and any weaknesses. Presentation is important, such as how confident you carry your physique (head held high), "Smiling", looking at the judges, how you pose, stage color, etc. Judging is something I enjoy a lot. I love helping competitors achieve their goals. I give honest, fair opinions, and constructive feedback.

    WisonsinBB - "I've judged at the: Fox Cities Bodybuilding Invitational in 2006, 2007 and 2008; Midwest Muscle Classic in 2005, 2006 and 2007; and Badger State in 2007 and 2008. Judging at a local level can be really tough, as you pretty much get each and every type of physique you can imagine. Sometimes you get some really big guys who show up totally out of shape, and then sometimes you get some tiny guys who are shredded. It makes judging these shows very difficult. I guess I just try to look for the best combination of size, aesthetics and conditioning... basically what a judge is supposed to do. The hardest thing I find with judging is telling people what improvements they REALLY need to make. I'm an outspoken person, but on the day of a competition, I hate to rag on someone about their physique - but some people need a lot more than just some constructive criticism."

    NOTE: If you have experience as a judge and are interested in volunteering here, PM me. Everyone interested will be considered - now or later.

    Thanks to all the participating judges! This should be a real asset for the MD forum members.

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