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Thread: Patient of the Week 1-26-2009

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    Default Patient of the Week 1-26-2009

    Patient of the Week

    Patient Profile
    Age: 24
    Hometown: Long Island, New York
    Bodybuilding status: Competitive
    Gynecomastia case: Bilateral symmetric

    This patient has been active in competitive bodybuilding since his teenage years. Gynecomastia impended in the late teens in this patient. The patient endured for a period until deciding to consult surgeons as a result of a future carrier in bodybuilding being inhibited. His main concerns were a natural appearance of his nipples after sugery and the possibility of recurrence. The patient chose Dr. Blau for his sugery after learning of his perfected natrual blending techqniue used in removing the fibrosclerotic glandular tissue. The possibilty of reoccurrence was made negligable as a result of removing 95% of the gladular tissue. No liposuction was required in this case because of lipocyte tissue distribution in the breast area was not significant.

    The patient was pleased with the results obtained and has since refered other competive bodybuilders.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    dcopeland, on most of the after pictures on the patients the nipple looks hard.
    is that also a result of the operation? mine is a puffy nip situation, to were if the nipple is soft chest looks awful, but when nipples harded looks nice and tight.


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