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Thread: Summer cut and training program

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    Squats: 275lbs 3x12
    SLDL: 185lbs 3x10
    Standing calves (one at a time): 2x12

    Just heard about KOS passing away, he was a huge part of this site and a great guy, he will be missed. R.I.P brother.

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    Push Day

    Slight incline DB press with Neutral grip 4sec Eccentric phase, 3 sec Concentric phase.
    75lbs 3x10
    UPC's 30lbs 3x10
    Pushups 2 sets (super slow reps)

    Cable laterals ( face down on incline to take pressure off tendons)
    25lbs 5x10-12
    Seated DB press neutral grip, 3 sec Eccentric phase, 2 sec Concentric phase.
    45lbs 5x10

    Tricep rope 3x10
    Reverse tri 3x10

    Rotator work 2 sets each, 2 exercises each. I always go very light on these, reps from 10-20.

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    PULL DAY: 1/11/2019

    Close grip pull downs: 3x10
    Medium grip pull downs: 3x10
    DB rows: 70lbs 4x10

    Seated DB curls: 35lbs 3x10
    Pullups: 3 sets
    incline DB curls: 3x10

    Face pulls: 2x10
    Barbell shrugs: 245lbs 2x10

    Rear delt extensions: 2x10

    Hyperextentions: 2x10

    Blew off cardio, still very sore from my workout yesterday.

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    GFR - Happy New Year! I've been the only one posting here for quite a while now. And even I started to slip lately. Hope all is well with you.
    4-6-13 100% RAW Powerlifting/ALL RAW Powerlifting
    Open 242 (weighed 235) 534.6/385.8/644.8 T = 1565.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjoe View Post
    GFR - Happy New Year! I've been the only one posting here for quite a while now. And even I started to slip lately. Hope all is well with you.
    Thanks, life is good. I always loved the training log section, it is in my opinion the only part of any BB site that is really useful.

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    DB neutral grip DB press:
    25lbs 3x10
    Neutral grip pushups:
    2x20 super slow reps

    Bent delt flys:
    Seated press Neutral grip:
    Some exercise I forget the name of??

    Tri rope ext:

    CGPD 1x20
    BB cable curls 1x20

    Rotator work

    Met a chick I think I will try to get to make a bad decision. I have actually talked to her a few times before but I feel that old fire for some reason. It might be because I discovered she is damaged and desperate for attention today. I think that might work for me.

    Keep me in your prayers fells.

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    Got some wraps to help my hands/pain

    CGPD 5x10
    Rows seated 5x10
    Pullovers 2x10

    BB shrugs 225 3x10 super slow reps
    Face pulls 55lbs 2x10

    Incline curls DB 35 3x10
    Precher curls 3x10
    cable curls 2x10
    reverse curls 2x10

    Hyper ext 10lb 2x15
    Reverse flys 2x10
    DB rear delt rows 80lbs 2x10

    Abs 3 sets

    Diet has been clean, will check weight next workout

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    Push day:

    Cardio: 15 min

    Incline DB neutral grip press: 5x10
    UPC's 2x10
    Pushups 2 sets super slow reps

    Bent delt flys: 5x10
    Press 5x10

    Tri rope ext 3x10
    Skull crushers 3x10

    Rotor work

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    Pull Day ( plus light leg day)

    GRPD neutral grip 5x10
    Med grip PD neutral grip 2x10
    Rows 5x10

    Face pulls 3x10
    BB shrugs 225lbs 3x10

    Incline curls 35lb DB's 3x10 super slow reps
    Precher curle 3x10
    Concentration curls 2x10

    Hyper ext 2 sets

    Walking lunges 2 sets
    Leg press 2 sets
    Hamstring curls 3 sets
    Standing calves 2x12

    Body weight 230lbs

    Adjusted my eating, I should be dropping 1-2lbs a week again now.

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    Push day 2/05/2019

    All reps very slow, about 5 sec down and 3 sec up.

    Incline DB neutral grip press: 70lbs 5x10
    UPC's 25lbs DB 3x10

    Bent delt flys on bench: 5x10
    M. Press 5x10

    Tri rope ext 3x10
    DB one arm tri ext 30lbs 3x10

    Rotor work, did this with DB's for the first time. I like it, going to combine this with cable work from now on.

    Weight 2/06/2019. 228...............I finally lost more fat and after being stuck for 6 weeks am finally in the 220"s. Reduced my carbs from 150 ED to 100 ED.

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