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Thread: Q and A with William Llewellyn

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdoutt View Post
    also will, for a comp. bb wats ur take on a real good first cycle?
    I really hate to recommend cycles. There is never a right and wrong, only opinion.

    I would say, FWIW, always consider your health first. Injectables are generally safer than orals, and IMO should be the backbone and vast majority of all AAS used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbyrneryan View Post
    In relation to my pervious question, would this cylce change a great deal if was to run Boldenone Undeclynate instead of DECA?

    Also I have been told i need to run a low dose of Test E (250mg Pre-Week) with this cycle, how true is this statment?

    On another note, How many working days is it to ship your book to Ireland?

    Thanks again
    You don't "need' testosterone in every cycle, but it presents the basic male hormone, and as such supports the gamut of testosterone activity (as opposed to lacking significant estrogenicity, androgenicity etc.). For this reason it is easy to look at T as a mandatory hormone.. But really it is about personal comfort and preference.

    Boldenone and Deca are fairly comparable - I don't suspect you will notice a big difference with the adjustment.

    We ship immediately or next day on all orders. It would go Global Priority Post. Not sure how long exactly that takes, but I suspect a week or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollidae View Post
    im postedthis question a few times. and now im coming to the master..

    how would you dose clen, the bottle says 100mg/ml 30ml
    I hope that is a typ0 for 100 mcg/mL, otherwise you better have a REALLY accurate way to measure minute factions of a mL.

    I don't like to recommend drug dosages, but if it were me I'd start with the 20-40 mcg (I don't like stims so start slow) per day and work up a few tabs until I was noticing maximum effect (maybe 100 mcg per day).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Tav View Post
    Hi William, I have read a few times now that drinking Stanozol is just as effective as injecting it. Do you believe this? I thought it would get broken down by the stomach and liver to much first. If I can avoid injecting 2cc's EOD that would be great as it leaves your injection sites more room for test.

    Hear from you soon!
    Yes, you can take it orally. The hormone is exactly the same, only how it is presented is different (in a liquid or in a tablet). So it will survive the liver very well.

    Injection may work a little better as bioavailability is essentially 100% with this method, but methylated orals like this are very effective by mouth also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Tav View Post
    Also if you can't get HCG, Clomid or anything like that what would you use for PCT and anti E? Novedex XT or Testolzye? Would that work too? I used to use Tamoxifen but I know that doesn't really do anything now.
    I personally don't think any supplement can replace HCG/Nolvadex/Clomid for PCT. Can't say these products would hurt, but the key issue post cycle is testicular desensitization to LH (not low LH). Even strong anti-estrogen drugs have only so much application here without HCG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shockwayve3000 View Post more thing concerning "HRT" is a cruising and blasting at prescribed dose or lower...100-300mg a week..then blast for a set time, meaning up the dose to 500mg+ a week (or whatever)..then, instead of cycling completely off...just "cruise" back down to a lower dose, say like the time you would off cycle for, until ready to "blast" again..this ties into the question i asked earlier regarding cycling your gear regardless if it's "HRT" or not..true HRT would not i understand..but what about the cruising and blasting method and the doses much higher than true HRT? hope that's clear as mud
    Yes, it is. HRT (True HRT) corrects a deficit in androgen levels that can be markedly unhealthy. So really, this (IMO) is simply cycling between off periods (normal androgen levels, even though by HRT) and on-periods (your supraphysiological dosing). I don't think the latter warrants interruption of the former.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mesomorph View Post
    What are your own personal thoughts about using low dose HCG thorughout a cycle in order to maintain testicular volume and function and what, in your opinion, would be an effective dose?
    I hear a lot of talk that this is now the preferred use of HCG, rather than playing catch up at the end of a cycle when shutdown is so much more pronounced.
    I have also found when working with guys that a combination of HCG/HMG and SERMS allows recovery far faster and also a quicker return to normal sperm counts post cycle.

    HMG is still a hard to find and costly med here in the UK but its effectiveness particularly for fertility is legendary.

    And Boy - I thought I was safe as the only Llewellyn in the industry - till you showed up!

    Welcome distant relative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dublin-lifter View Post
    hey just started a course of clenbuterol was going to do the 3 weeks on 3 weeks off thing but i heard you can get stuff that keeps clen working after 3 weeks what is it and can you get it over the counter in a shop
    also what vitmains would you recomend i take e.g milk thistle fish oil green tea etc
    I think you are referring to ketotifen. It can extend the useful window of Clen, at least to some degree. It can also potentiate thte effects of the drug, so be cautions with the combination.

    Taurine seems to be good with Clen, and your normal daily's.

    If you want a good liver support, I developed Liver Stabil to be VERY specific for this audience. Has 14 ingredients, including Milk Thistle backbone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterPower584 View Post
    if I wanted to do a 12 week cycle of equipoise at 500mgs a week.what would be the best way to PCT it?
    I think the PoWeR PCT program outlined in ANABOLICS and elsewhere should be standard for all types of cycles, until such time as a better (more thoroughly investigated and proven, not theorized) program comes along. It uses HCG, Nolvadex,and Clomid combined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Scientist View Post
    Hi Will,

    Hope you well?

    Can't seem to get through to that email address you gave me...could you please mail me at thescientis.beastlabs at
    Would really like to start the distribution ship in South Africa asap.

    You got it. Will mail this afternoon. THanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodyohio View Post
    should you stay away from creatine while on gear. 500mg test e, 400mg Eq, 40mg d-bol.
    I don't see why you have to, though it does make a nice nutrient to switch to during your down time also (I like Arachidonic Acid + Beta Alanine a little better, but Cre is good too).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ckelly66 View Post
    Hey Bill,
    Im considering starting my first cycle. I'm gonna run 400mg of test cyp per week for 10 weeks. My question is will my testis eventually start producing testosterone if i don't run Hcg (don't have neone that knows where i can get it). All im gonna run for pct is a 50mg tab of clomid every other day with my test. Think that'll be ok? I really don't want gyno but clomid is the only pct that i can get my hands on with the test. Thanks alot
    Your testes should start producing again without PCT, but it can take much longer (sometimes 4 months or longer).

    Clomid will help with Gyno, but not your endogenous androgen levels. DUring your cycle the drug will keep estrogen in check a little bit, but it will not be sufficient to keep your body releasing LH (supporting endogenous T production).

    If it were me, I'd take the clomid post-cycle. At least it shouldn't hurt, and may help a little.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacked_up_haggis View Post

    May 23rd and your new book will be mine!! just gotta wait for my birthday and for the girlfriend to go buy me it!

    Anyway, there has been talk of apex injectable stanozolol oil, is it any good? i normally wouldnt use that and im not intending to at the moment but i am curious? they also make injectible oxy? just wondering what your thoughts on these were?

    I was using anavar by LK Labs? if you want a pic let me know, i found it awesome but had to use 40mg for good results and the fact that its quite expensive and comes in packs of 100, well its not easy on the wallet.

    We have an underground lab here in UK called STMG i think, i have 10ml of their testiviron which i used on a last cycle, this is 10ml i had left over. to be honest, i didnt gain well on it at all, however i did get food poisoning mid course and had to come off everything. What exactly is in STMG's testiviron? i doubt its enanthate and prop (am i correct in thinking thats what testiviron is?)

    is there any underground uk labs that i should look out for? good reasons or bad reasons?

    thanks for taking the time, i know your a busy man
    No problem, happy to help.

    I can't really comment on these labs, as I have no basis for drawing a conclusion. For one, I am always dead set against Underground labs. Every time we test UG labs the results are a disaster. Some good, most off, and some terribly dirty.

    Oil based versions of stanozolol and oxymetholone should work just fine. After Duchaine spoke on it years ago, Injectable Oxy has had a mythic reputation. Never used it myself (or tested an UG product for potency) so I can't comment on the truth to this, but it is said to be extremely effective.

    I do know we are testing ROHM Labs as we speak. There is a new Underground book coming out in about a month that discusses what Prohibition is doing to the global steroid supply. We will be testing about 20 labs in this book for all sorts of things..
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    Some great questions on here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeroyes View Post
    Hey William great to have you here, love your books. I seen in a recent MD mag that you had a pic of an UGL called GP and was curious about your take on its authenticity. Have you had the chance to run any lab tests yet?
    If by GP you mean Geneza, we have a sample from this UG company at the lab right now. Will be released in the upcoming UNDERGROUND ANABOLICS book.
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    whats this underground anabolics book about? is it an expansion of your Anabolic 09?

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    Yes Geneza pharm. When will the book be out? I've tried their clen and it is probably the best i have used to date. Looking forward for yur book to be released. Thanks

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