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Thread: The Classic Cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by USEALITTLE View Post
    cant tell if this is your first cycle or not..... if it is go test only, if you have done some before then either cut the EQ at wk 10 or keep the test goin till wk 14 (so both esters get out at the same time)

    even though i like EQ the old timoer say the best is deca-d-bol.

    Test only is a terrible suggestion for first timers

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    hi there in my experience, after 6 weeks of cycling, the anabolics effects raise down and it comes no grow and lot of cortisol...
    this cycle its good but i suggest u to do just 4 weeks like 1000 mg test enanthate and 1000 mg boldenone or deca for 4 weeks
    and in the first 3 weeks use alsodbol at 50 mg day in one dose 3 hours efore workout on w.o. days only...
    after 4 weeks stop the boldenone or deca and switch to primobolan and w.have 200 mg day of primo for 8 days(til the modays of the 6th week) and have 2 winstrol per day til day 53(tursday of 6 week).stop enanthate after 5 weeks.the last week u can do without test or with 200 mg dayily of propionate til day 53
    so u can start pct immediatly on day 57 then have 3 weeks pct 3 weeks stop and restart 6 weeks cycle.
    i suggest to use insulin like humalog to quick start in the first 3 weeks after workout.aout 7-10 units... then stop 3 weeks and got back to insu on pct.then stop 3 weeks and restart with new cycle...
    hgh to me its not a deal when u are bulking up...u can consider if u wanna compete starting it aout 4 months before the show.
    these for me the est cycle
    6 weeks on 3 pct 3 off restart six
    with these schedule u can have about 5 cycle a year and can swith doses and steroids
    the mg i have told u are for me i am now starting bulking at 220 pounds very lean for 6-0 tall. i think the good dosage of mgs its 10 mg of steroids per week per every pounds of bodyweight considering u very for me its about 2200 mg per week
    hope this help

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    Do you like eq or deca? Depends if you want small quality gains, or big mass gains
    All statements made herein are fictional and are solely for entertainment purposes

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