5 Questions with George Farah
Shawn Ray

1) Tell me what was your initial motivation to become a Pro bodybuilder and why?
A) Since I was a kid and opened my first muscle and fitness, I said to myself that one day, I will be a pro and be in these mags.

2) You are not only a Professional Bodybuilder but a well sought after Personal trainer, tell me about the differences of getting yourself ready to compete compared to getting someone else ready for a Show?
A) Getting myself ready has to be the hardest thing to do. I am my own worst critic and it makes it hard sometimes, because I do tend to take it a little too far.

3) Where do you see yourself in this sport and how would you like to be remembered when you’re done competing?
A) for someone who was pronounce dead ten years back, I think I have done very well as a competitor and even better as a trainer/ nutritional consulter. My dreams is to win a pro show hopefully by next year or before I retired and to be able to represent bodybuilding in the right and proper way and to be able to show the world that bodybuilding is not about drugs and that there is a lot more to it then what the stereo type crap that many ignorant and limited people have painted and showed the media, the wrong picture and ruined it to the rest of us.

4) Drop some names on some the clients you've helped reach their dreams for us?
A) just to name a few, the popular Bob Cicherillo, Chaundra Coffey, Peter Putnam, Debbie Leshesky, Cathy Le François, Heather Policki, Heather Mae French, Branch Warren, Betty Pariso, Hazel Nelson, DeShawn Grimes, Dennis James, Gus Carter, Anthony Finecherio, Bernadett Galvin and many more to list

5) What would you like to see done to the sport of bodybuilding to make it better?
A) I think, it is finally heading in the right direction and would like to see more bodybuilder’s veterans getting involved.

Thank you,
S Ray