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Thread: AirborneLifter Yearlong Transformation

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    Quote Originally Posted by huge285 View Post
    Talked to GERARD at MHP............ we're gonna design a MASS BUILDING SUPPLEMENT regimen for you. It will run 16 weeks and we'll see how much muscle we can pack on your frame. This should be interesting!
    Yes, I would like to see this as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El_Spiko View Post
    That's the key. You'll get there man

    That is it for certain! See what you want, and go for it, and let nothing stand in your way

    Not even yourself.

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    As my time is winding down here, went in today and totally blasted tri's. Has to be my favorite part to train. I prefer to work one body part a day, but think I will switch that up once I get where I am going. I'm sure Dave will have a program waiting to torture me!! LOL. Oh well. Gonna be fun!

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    Tri's are always a blast to work. I just hit mine last night
    I min/max my physique

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    You ever go with reverse grip bench? Possibly one of the best tri exercises ever devised. I replaced skull crushers with them. Go nice and steady and it friggin rocks!

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    Greetings from my new "Home". Well, I finally got here and things are going pretty good. I am in the process of getting everything together and getting a grasp of where everything is at. Pretty primative conditions, but I got to say they have done a good job here! My room is actually pretty cool. My guy left a couch and tv so how can I complain! Plus, a shitload of pirated DVD's so that is good. The gym here is pretty good. Mainly freeweights which is outstanding. Once I get a little better access to internet, I will post some pics of the gym and my living areas. I have to be careful what I post, so sometimes I may be vague, so please understand.

    Dave, again thanks a million for everything. I don't know if anything shipped out for me yet, but if it did I'll let you know when I get it. I also talked to our chow hall cooks and they are going to supply me with some USGA labels for the food here. They were actually pretty stoked about this. We are on a 21 day meal cycle, meaning different main meal for 21 days, then back to the beginning. Breakfast is mainly omelette, hardboiled, or scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, fruits, oatmeal, cereals, french toast. Lunch is a chicken, hamburger, or meat of some sort with rice or pasta, and veggies. Dinner pretty much the same. I owe you more information.

    Now.....what ya say we get this MoFo started!!!

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    Alright...lets see if this pic goes through. This is me in country waiting for a flight to the new "home"
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    Default Kick ass~~

    Happy to c u doin well ~~~

    I wish 2 thank u for serving ~ U have all my respect Warrior~!

    And as for this Transformation~~ HOORAH~!

    Kick ass take no prisioners ~` the Alpha way !

    Show em how its done~!

    ; ) ~~~>

    Bear Hugs ~


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    Well, today was finally the day. The CH-47 showed up with a little over 10,000 pounds of mail, and the MHP people rock! Even though I am currently "banned" from taking supplements, I think it was no surprise to anyone what was in the boxes. Even one of the guys I work with said, "Ah, I see you got the kool aid your family keeps talking about." I had to laugh, walking out with 3 boxes of stuff. So to the entire staff at MHP, I send a complete and sincere Thank You. You'd probably get a kick out of the fact that this was also my first piece of mail as well! Cant wait to finally get it started. I showed one of my lifting buddies here, and we giggled like a couple of school girls. Gotta remember, it doesnt take much really to make you laugh here.

    On another somber note...We lost our first soldier yesterday after having been here less than a month. I ask that everyone say a prayer to whoever you pray to. I dont do much talking to God anymore, but I still like to think he listens. Every now and again, He and I touch base and converse. Yesterday was one of those days........

    On to other news. I finally got some movement on the internet. We have a pool of 12 of us that are going to purchase the dish. Right now, its looking like it will cost us around $3500 for the dish, and another $500 a month for internet service. Yes, you read that right. $500 a month so I can surf MD! Well, porn as well but thats a whole different conversation! We're in the process of getting all the paperwork together and trying to find out when they can install, but hopefully, it won't be much longer. As time goes by, you really begin to miss the people and miss reading the boards.

    I hope all are doing well with the transformation and that everyone is still moving in the right direction. Its gonna be something to see how it all turned out. Take care my friends.

    Until next time....

    SFC P
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    Awesome pics Airborne! Whenever we get pics of our troops using MHP products it gets everyone here at the office pumped! Here are some more of some our brave men tearing it up in Iraq MHP style....

    Keep up the good work, train hard, and most of all get back home safe!

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    UPDATE. . .

    Wow what a week. This week has been one of those that has had its highs and had its lows. To start off with the highs. MHP...your stuff is the shit. No kidding. My arms are back to 16.34, my strength is going up, I am finally sitting at 200 lbs again. Doesnt get any better. Yes it does. I'm starting to get veins where I never had them. Also this week, I finally encourged the wife to join the boards. Its hard because of the speed of internet here to post a whole lot. So we talk family stuff when we can, and I share the stories with you here. This not being her first time through this, she knows "most" everything that goes on. But I think she'll be the first to say she doesnt want to know everything. If you would, please welcome her here to the boards.

    The bad part. We lost another fine soldier this week. He was a fine young man and will be missed. You never expect to lose the good ones. He was a young Private who, even though shot and injured, continued fighting until the end to protect his brothers. You cant buy that type of courage or pride.
    Also this week, some bad guys decided (again) to take pot shots at our bases with rockets. This time, they overshot and hit a house. The result was 3 childeren injured as well as the wife. I had to go into the clinic to try and wrap up some information from the attack as well as the status of the kids. Its something that you never want to see. All of the kids were under 7 and it breaks your heart to see them in pain, especially as a father. But I know that the culture here is based on honor and revenge, so someone is due a serious ass whooping.

    Finally, I have had some help that finally arrived. I hope this helps my days get a little less hectic. What it also means is I have some time to download some pictures and share them with you. I included this time 4 pictures. All of the pics are of Warrior Gym, our local workout center. I will take a few more of the area here and send them next time. Also, we are starting to get some headway on our internet situation finally. I can't wait. I get to finally catch up on all the comings and goings of the boards. Well, I guess that will do it for now.

    Until next time..........
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    Heres hoping everyone is doing well and your program is coming along as good as mine. I gotta say, to Dave and everyone at MHP....I am having some pretty serious side effects from these supplements. It seems that when I take them, my workouts get better and I get bigger. LOL. This shit is the bomb!!!!! I( dont know what else to say. Yeah I do. I benched 315 x 7 last night! I have NEVER benched that many reps. My previous best was 3 (2.5 actually). No shit though. I got 7 up with no help and I really believe I had another 2 in me. I racked it because quite honestly, it freaked me out a little. So much that I actually started laughing putting up the last rep. Another reason to go ahead and rack the weight. Nothing funny about shaking muscles and 315 pounds hovering above you! LOL...anyways, to everyone at MHP and to Dave....Thank You! Seriously, this is the best stuff ever. I have zero side effects whatsoever. I got energy. I got strength. My appetite is good. Nothing bad at all. I can only hope that MHP will continue to help me out for my remaining time here. (Hint). I officially started at 194, and as of last night, I am at 202. The arms hit 17" last night. Life is friggin GREAT!!!

    So what is up here other than that? I continue to do my thing here. My work schedule is getting a little better and the bad guys seem to think that with better weather, we must get lazy or something. Wrong. I can tell you that (5) 2,000 pound bombs will definitely make a bad guy run fast. Well, correction. 2 will make them run fast, the other 3 I get the picture.

    We lost another good friend the other day. This soldier was a little different. His name you will never hear and you probably will only read a brief sentence about him, but just the same a true professional. One of the quiet ones that asks for no spotlight and require no acknowledgement. Guy was absolutely hilarious as well, He will be missed.

    Got a chance to go to the market on Friday. Man, I need to take my camera next time. I have never heard so much "mister, mister" and "come look at my stuff sir" in my life! But they have a little bit of everything in there. Spiderman 3, the new Shrek, whatever is in the theaters right now, chances are they got it. They got the pirating thing down to a science. Plus, anything from rugs to watches to glasses...they got it. Pretty resourceful if you ask me. I'll send pics this Friday so you get a chance to see what it looks like. Just like an American swap meet.

    HOPEFULLY......the internet came in today. I got to go talk to the guy that ordered it today and find out if it made the flight. If it did, that will mean I can finally get back onto MD Webpage and not be frigging blocked by WebSense anymore. And speaking of blocked.....get this...(Dave, you will love this). I was talking with "someone" yesterday about supplements. Seems they are taking some themselves. I "inquired" about what he was taking and mentioned that I thought there was a supplement ban. The answer I received was "these aren't supplements. It fiber pills, branch chain aminos. glutamine, and multi-vitamins.". answer was since you are increasing what your body already produces, aren't you, in fact......taking supplements? The answer........."No, these are enhancement drugs and steroids like that other stuff everyone wants to take, like the creatine and NO stuff". End quote. I almost dropped my plate. Now, you may be sitting there thinking "WTF". I am seriously laughing as I type this. Never thought of taking creatine and NO2 and mixing it into a pin. So would you shoot that into the thigh or buttocks? LMAO Man.........

    Anyways, that will do it for this week. I really hope that when I get back on, all of you have made substantial gains. You should look like new people to me. I dont know if everyone is still in or out. I know Pierce is probably the size of a house by now! Dude, you're an animal! I hope everyone else is having the same results are me. That should do it for now.

    Until next time my friends.............

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    Watch this space.....


    Inspiring Stuff!

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    Here ya go. Told you I was gonna take MD International. Took these today. The older actually liked the magazine and made a growl sound. Shit was funny. Anyways....hope to have internet up by Saturday.


    SFC P
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    Default I'm Back!!!

    To all my friends......

    Well, I finally got access to the internet!!!!! Great day indeed!!! I still havent got the internet in the room, but it is a start.

    Dave,I know

    Dont really know whats in this stuff I am taking, but holy shit, my strength is going thru the roof!!!! I figured since the last time I benched I knocked out the 315 for 7, so what else will this stuff do. I found out. I got 405 ealmost for 2. I got it up the first one and figured....what the hell. ALMOST got the second one up, but got stuck about 3/4 of the way up. I am also doing incline bench with 225. The program you sent is working like a champ!!

    I have some more pictures that I will be posting soon. Piece...I saw your pictures. You are right on track and looking great! Best of luck in your show.

    I will update again tomorrow. My time tonight is limited since this is the first time I have got to see my wife and daughter in two months.

    Take care and look for a good update tomorrow. Got lots of thoughts on the whole Chris Benoit thing, 4th of July, and "Hero" flights.

    Until next time.....

    SFC P

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    Default In and Out


    Been a fun week or so. First I get all excited because we finally got the internet up and running. As soon as that gets going, go figure. The damn thing goes down. So, here we are again. I'll fill you in on some events.....

    First, Chris Benoit. I knew the minute it happened it was only a matter of time before the word "steroid" got put into the mix. We had quite the conversation at the unit about this subject. The main topic was 'roid rage. Most people felt that this is what caused the deaths and blame it squarely on drugs. My answer was "does anybody just go crazy anymore"? I mean, using that theory....Susan Smith must have been on a hell of a cycle when she put her kids in the car and drove it into the lake. I just get sick and tired when anyone of size gets into trouble and the automatic answer is...."Its the steroids". Enough of that rant.

    "Hero Flights". I told you I would give a little info about this. These are the flights that take our casualties on the final trip home. Pretty sad event. Everyone pretty much lines up on the Landing Zone and help carry our warrior friend out. Very quiet, no one says much of anything. But the respect and love is always there. Kind of brings it home.

    Now to the fun part......the lifting. Whatever this stuff is I am taking, its absolutely the best. My strength has gone thru the roof. My size is getting out of control to where its very noticable. Even the wife was amazed. I am right about 201 lbs, so thats an increase of about 7 lbs since the beginning. i put up 225 for 16 reps, followed by 315 for 8, followed by 375 x 3. I have never ever lifted any near that. To the fine folks at MHP, I sincerely thank you for the sponsorship. I know of at least 6 people that have converted to your product. Pluse, I have ran out of pamphlets. So if you want to send more, I will pass them out. I dont normally believe the "hype" on products, but damn.

    So here are the updated pics. The first set is the locals making what we call "foot bread". Dont ask why they call it that. They take the dough and stick it to the roof of this fire pit and cook it. They then take it out and sprinkle cinammon on it. It really is pretty good.

    The last one is a pic of me and my good friend. I am obviously the one on the right. The ironic part of this pic is that the day after this was taken, his convoy struck a major IED. 2 of his soldiers were medevac on the helicopter and are now in Germany. The one broke both legs, his pelvis, jaw, and arm. I ask that you keep them in your prayers.

    Well that does it for now. I will try and keep this updated as much as possible. Dave, the wife says my package finally made it to Italy, so you should be getting something in the mail in the next week or two. Make sure you get one of the medallions to the folks at MHP. Its a small gift of my gratitude.

    Until next time my friends.....

    SFC P
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    DRIVE ON AIRBORNE!!!!!!!!!

    From one Airborne Vet to another I want to let you know how much we appreciate what you are doing over there. Our hearts and minds are with you every day. I've been out 16 years now but to this day and I still miss the the esprit de corps that you can not recreate in the civilian world. Strangely at times I wish I were there and could serve my country again.

    Thanks again and PM me if you guys need anything.
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