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Thread: Q and A with the Anabolic Doc: Thomas Oconnor

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    Hi guys.. I dont have the time to get caught up with the Jack Ass UK Strongman.. He is out of touch with what is hapening in the real medical world..So lest just ignore that guy. To the rest of you and the guy that knows what I do... Thanks Man

    Now some real medicine

    First off, The bP issue and CVA (stroke) I am very serious here!! Do you know what the # 1 risk factor is that leads to stroke? Its hypertension!!

    And what I ment when I said " go the ER ", was not in regard to your symptoms (although pain in the head related to exercise, should be worked-up asap! ), but was to have you ask my Brother's and Sisters's of medicine in the ER what they see every day in terms of stroke... and BP.. they will tell you what the real deal is... F the guy with the scare tactics... F ing ass hole.. we are talking about lives here!!

    So please, see your doctor!! Treating BP correctly, is so important!!
    This is a scare tactic... if your BP is elevated.. Hoepfully you will not have a stroke, but over time BP breaks down the heart and circulatory system!! you just need to see a doc and get it under control... the hell with all the other bull shit.. Trust me!! and FYI, in the USA, we do see thousands of young people having strokes per year.

    Bench press tear question.. very interesting, I would have to think that the sheer force generated by the straight bar vs D bells is where the answer lays. This would be a great question for an Ortho Doc. I'm an Internist and my expertise is preventing heart disease and strokes..

    But the straight bar bench is so awesome, I feel that any body wanting serious chest development should do it.. trick is not to over do!! and I routinely come off the bench for weeks and do only D bells and come back stronger and no pec tears!! Thank god.. This year, I will drop to 198 lbs and bench over 500 lbs ..

    Stay heathy and Strong..

    Dr O

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    Hey Doc,

    i have got a few question and would greatly appreciate your input

    1. whats your opinion on estrogen and fat loss?
    2. can one use successfully dbol for cutting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flex500 View Post
    your not understanding healthcare in america usually you pay $150-$500 for a 15 to 30 minute exam. Even a first time exam where they need to get ALL your info it is usually fast like 30 and out...

    And you can't just call and talk to him you want to talk okay make an appointment in a month when you can get in and we can talk for 15 or 20 minutes and charge your insurance another $300+

    I am NOT a patient of the anabolic doc but I know some who are. He gives them personal attention...he'll spend hours with you, run all tests, go over EVERYTHING, talk to you on the phone etc. etc. etc.

    i work in medical I see this sh*t all the's actually a pretty good deal.
    ok I didnt realise medical fees were that much, but that doesnt excuse the way he talks like a child, can you really trust a guy saying thats youre fucked me, a proper medically trained person would speak better. Im not slating what he does, just the way he does things!!!!!

    also anabolic doc, how do you intend to treat people over the internet from other countries if you dont have their blood samples etc?

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    Hey Doc, my doc says my estrogen levels are high and recommends a supp called "IC3" know anything about this and where I can find the best brand?
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    Hey UK Guy.. How do you like this.. your a pussy!! Like my friend Greg Valintino says... Fuck off. How do you like that.. not the right etiquette for you ? Ha . I have no time for pukes like you. Like Greg, Im from New York and we dont take any shit. So take your bad attitude and your social medicine and shove it up your ass!!! We at MD tell it as it is... Thats why MD is the best muscle mag/web site in the world... Remember, " no Bull Shit" and they love the man that I am...I have so many men coming to see me and in need of medical help, a little guy like you is just a joke to me.. Im taking over the Medical World !!! And I'm having a great time...

    And stay out of my Clinic... I have guys all over the world and its not a great wonder that other countries have labs too.. Guys get them done and email the results to me.. its called 2010 and Internet.. I also have a phone and thats how I care for men in Europe, Israel, South Africa and Central and South America.

    Say good bye because this is your 30 seconds of fame....

    Thanks guys for your support, this guy wants a pussy doc... let em have him.. good luck.. guess his GP will know what to do ?? yea right!! Ha Ha LOL


    Stay Heathy and Strong

    Dr O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
    Hey Doc, my doc says my estrogen levels are high and recommends a supp called "IC3" know anything about this and where I can find the best brand?
    BCS labs makes one, and I know they lab test all of their raws. here is a link to the BCS one. Even if you dont get their brand you can read their description.

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    Hello doc! Its me again, your hopeful intern soon! Well my question has also to do with HBP, and elevation in RBC count. Now everyone knows that Anabolic's increase red blood cells. Especially EQ. HBP can be caused by many things, however does the elevation of RBC aid in causing BP issues, or just cholesterol.

    Another question. DOC! 500mgs of Test and 400mg EQ (equipoise) is the most common dosage for a second cycle. My question is would this dosage tremendously affect the kidney's, and liver if "ON" for a long long cycle of 20 weeks?

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    Also thanks for being the doc, we can depend on!

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    Hey Doc,

    i have got a few question and would greatly appreciate your input

    1. whats your opinion on estrogen and fat loss?
    2. can one use successfully dbol for cutting?

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    hey guys... Im very tired tonight, I have been so busy with all of lifterpatients and I still have "regular"patients in the hospital.. now dealing with a great man who has terminal brain cancer.. shit.. I am coordinating a team of 10 doctors for him.. very humbling... Thanks for the nice input.. I cant take any more BS for the day...


    1. Estrogen and IC3.. ? I will have to look into this product. Thanks for link.. In simple terms.. we all know T converts to E when on T or AS... This is AS related and dose dependant T issue.. and route of administration is very important (transdermal vs IM) not too mention other factors, eg, fat content, age , other diseases ...the clinical bottom line in my clinic is that we measure E 3 routinely and I will adjust the T dose and use small doses of Arimidex to dial in E3 just right... A man needs E3 !! not too much, not too little.. for sakeof breast cancer (long term ) , bloat and BPH.. not too metion other issues related to Cholesterol panel etc... very complicated... So it is very important to keep a consistent regimen and measure E3 routinely with your doc.. and make him adjust blockers in regard to the labs..

    HBP and RBC count... from my Intern LOL... great question. yes, in most men (and women), we will see an increase in Hct and hbg secondary to androgen utility... interesting mechanism of action...and as the HCT excedes 53%, we see an increase in stroke... so thats the magic #.. And my limit before I will do sometning about it..why?? viscosity is only one potential cause another is an increase in pro-atherogenic cytokines.. eg TNF-alfa, IL-1,2 and 6.. Bottom line is hyper-coaguable state and more cardio/ CNS events... we know this from basic medical literature... and remember the Dutch Brother biker's who routinely doped their RBCs and ended up dead!! At leasst one of them...

    So , as AS and HCT goes... simple ,, check your CBC and adjust drugs...

    I will be presenting some clinical vignettes soon as part of a MD video series, and I will be discussing some cool case studies I have... one related to AS and hemochromotosis... check this diease out... not one or a partial one.. you want if you do AS !! trust me.. this is serious medicine... I saved this guys life !!!

    test 500 and EQ 400... woooo.. on down there sea-bisquit... a lot of drug.. I know , not much for some!! Any way... another long winded response, but, in simple terms.. AS per-se, do not cause renal (kidney) damage (and I have been in discussion with the best Renal docs about this very topic lately, in the North east!!) but its the secondary affects that damage the kidney.. eg hypertension, hyper-coaguable state, damage to the endothial lining, NSAIDS!!! and hyper-viscious state.. and even too much muscle tissue per-se... very interesting and a loaded answer, but thats what Im all about.. I love these very important questions and I am hell bent on getting down to the bottom line for you guys... it is very complicated internal medicine for sure... And as for liver... yea, Orals can do damage, as for IM.. not common.. kidney much more complicated.. but please do routine LFts and CMP panel...and CBC

    E and and fat.. and D-bol... easy answer... Too much E = bloat and too much D-bol = too much E and more bloat.. can you get ripped on D-bol??? yeah.. dont eat.... Im not a body builder... Im a power lifter... ask B. L. my guess is that D bol is not a cutting drug, but I know of men who do use it for shows and do relations, I gues...

    Good night.. sorry for the spelling... i am typing 10,000 miles per hour... Gotta be back in hospital in 5 hours....

    Stay heathy and strong.. Dr O

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    correction.. main Estrogen in man.. E2 not E3.. so tired.. E3 is Estrone... Thanks Dr O

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    Oh yah, you betcha


    You using a shirt to bench that 500lbs?

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    Doc, why is it that if i inject hgh sub-q made with sterile water it stings as opposed to hgh made w/ bacteristatic water?

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    GameofInches is a fictional character and anything GameofInches says is fiction.


    Do you feel that supplementing with creatine is harmful to the kidney's?
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    Hey guys!! Thanks for the great questions!!! I really love being your doc!!!

    Long week. Sat Am and Im glad I live in CT not DC. Big snow!! Is god telling Obama something!! ?? SLOW DOWN COWBOY..... LOL

    sorry if your a Liberal LOL

    Guy with shirt question... Yeah Im using an Inzer Super-duper Phenom... as an expert bencher--30 years straight!!!, Ive tried many shirts and this one rocks... Although I have a new Over Kill Shirt --also great !and I did manage to get 535 down to a 1 board.. could not touch the chest .. This summer, I will compete at 198 lbs and use the Over Kill and look to bench over 500. This is all BS until I do it at the meet . Thats real power lifting... the gym stuff is all "fish stories" until you do it at a meet..

    HGH guy question... Im not sure there is a "chemical" difference between sterile H2O and bacteristatic H2O... may be a chemical agent in the later and therefore cause some irritation... to be safe please try to make sure all your gear is of the highest quality.. we are always concerned for the gear made in China and other places...That is why I rx domestic gear as much as I can...

    Creatine guy question.. this is a great question and I have asked this of many of my Renal doc friends and they say there is no danger. Although, creatine can cause elevated BP and therefore over time, hurt the kidney.. always the same concept!! keep BP , lipids and glucose in check and we will safe guard the heart and kidney.. this is very serious !!! and a take home message...

    One interesting issue relating to creatine intake is that it will cause a false positive result on elevating creatinine and reducing theE-GFR/lab test and will show that your kidney function is reduced, when it may not be !! I see this all the time.. I recommend that my guys come off creatine products for at least one week before testing blood . Simple. I have mastered a protocol to determine "real" renal function from false positives in my clinical practice!!!!

    Soon MD will conduct a video series of me presenting some "clinical Vignettes" , in which I will discuss some of these very issues, eg kidney function and AS ... very hot topic now in the news..

    Stay heathy and strong ... and warm....

    DR O

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    Quote Originally Posted by anabolic doc View Post
    Hey UK Guy.. How do you like this.. your a pussy!! Like my friend Greg Valintino says... Fuck off. How do you like that.. not the right etiquette for you ?

    Dr O
    Are you even registered? What about the Hippocratic Oath? I know America dont tend to follow it that much but come on you just disobeyed that, how do you expect people to even follow your advice, sure you will get clients but thats because theyre so stupid and fucked themselves up like you said.

    P.S. Im stronger than you are, 500lbs in a bench shirt is pretty dam shit, I did more than that at 20 years old in a single ply F6 weighing 90kg, now shove that up your ass! Also squatting 700lbs in a suit in comp and deadlifting more than you ever done

    come on pussyboy? show me how strong you are??? An old man like you cant beat a young kid?

    I think you wold have to shoot some more steroids because you are still a boy inside

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    Hi Guys

    Please read the new informative article on Anabolic Steroids and Kidney damage!! On the front page of MD !!!

    Very important. Any one one, or considering using AS, please !!! have a full history and physical exam, including blood work by a doctor. If you have any potential for adverse effects related to AS, better to know from the start... and continue to monitor your labs...

    This is no BS, I see the end result and there are more issues involved than the good Dr Gwartney mentioned, but a very good write up...

    All I want is for this new age of lifters to come out the other side better than the guys before....

    Stay Heathy and Strong

    Dr O

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