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Thread: Q and A with the Anabolic Doc: Thomas Oconnor

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    hello dr... my doc has me on benicar with hct.. it gets me in the 135/68 range.. i would like the top to drop to the 120's if possible.. do you think where i am is ok? and what is you opinion of benicar? he took my of lisinpril to the benicar a few months ago.. also, i have been reading quite a bit about vitamin d3.. my doc recommended 5000 a day.. what do you think about d3 and the dose recommended..?

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    Hey all Anabolic Doc back in the saddle.. the guy trying to correct my spelling.. go back to your boring insignificant life.. Im a doctor.. what are you??

    You can be my spelling bitch. That would be a great job for you...let me know how I do .... LOL

    and for the guy with the good question regarding current day BBs and juice... OH YEAHHH what do you think? back in the day the dose of AA was much lower and the relentless stcking , year after year with no breaks... is what it is all about now...

    And as for the health of these guys... not good... How do I know... I have the first medical practice in the world to address this... and I am getting crushed every day.. more and more men calling.. not all so bad but still very concerning medical issues that need to be addressed by a real Internest...

    And the blood pressue question, Benicar is a great drug for hypertensive men . Young and old. But all of these questions have to be taken patient-by-patient basis!!!

    Blood pressure is one of my main points -of interest, so I can not give you information generally, you do have to see me.. BP at yooung age should be less than 120/80.. bottom line now.. I use a combination of behavior changes, diet/exercise and real pharm. meds to get men to goal..

    Please take the BP thing serious, you will tahnk me when your older...

    Keep it real and

    Stay healthy and strong

    Anabolic Doc

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    Default candida

    i was on doxy for a week after i experenced the worst stomach pain ever,below my bellybutton like if you could draw a line from side to side one inch thinking it's candida i had ct scan and 3 urine test everything is fine what do you think

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    what sort of stacks are the pros on that you know of?

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    I hate to even ask this ? but I need to beshure. When taking 4 clomid aday as part of your pct you only take 1 at a time and that goes for nolvdex to right?

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    Hey Dr Iam 29 years old and just had all my labs done which were (CMP) complete CBC thyroid lipid and test and just got my labs back and everything looked great Ihave to pick them up tom. long story short i want to be frank with my dr. about testosterone supplementation and dont want to do it illegally or tear my body up with prohormones what are my chances of the dr. working with me to make sure A: im healthy B: im not going to risk legal trouble and c: to keep me away from prohormones because in all honesty since ive been home (1year) from bootcamp everything feels wrong as far as hormone levels and such im sore for way to long overweight hardly any energy and when i took prohormones for 3 full weeks i felt normal again my diet is in check i eat clean no processed bs chicken egg whites fish brown rice some lean beef veggies etc any info on how to deal with how to talk with my dr. would help thank you sir.

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    cheers for the reply but can you please go into a bit more detail as to which problems.I know you would see alot of liver problems,but what else? I understand you would see alot of other things which cant be directly linked back to a.s use but are questionable.
    What do you recommend i get checked and how often (bood work and physical).Im 20,Ive bein training for 3yrs solid.ive done three courses(12weeks long)in this time and atm on 500mg of sust and 250mg of deca.At the end of each time ive got my bloods done and everything was normal after a month off.Never used any pct either.Thnks for the good thread.

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    hey all. Im back . sorry for long lay off. getting more and more busy as the anabolic doc. Thanks to all of you joining my practice.

    First of all. I can not comment on any thing directly regarding drug use. Including drug doses. etc. Please understand. I am a physician and care for men. Not all use AS, but a lot do. And I in no way want to get involved in jibberish over e lines

    My practice is to dear anb special to me.. I am the only doc in the world.. doing what I am doing for real.. no laws broken. only care.. but I have to be carefull. You want my expertice. Join up.

    Now for guys that can not afford the "real me" Anabolic Doc service.. go to my web site and get your labs done in privacy... no doctor office needed... for real. and use my videos to understand what your body is saying to you.. again, I do this to help men, not encourage drug use

    so far men are using the lab service and getting healthy..

    Labs should be done at least quartely. and when on or off meds...

    or for any man who just wants to see his T level or cholesterol.. etc

    please see my new web site

    it rocks and we spent a lot of $$$ updating it

    stay healthy and strong

    Ananbolic Doc

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    Default Lab panels

    Hi and Thanks for the lab vids. What combo of lab panels should a first timer get before any aas regimen? To avoid duplication, would a general physical by my clinic most likely include certain labs? (Would like to have it on my insurance as much as possible).
    Im 39 very good health no medical issues known. Except for a chronic case of Anabolic Nurse Blue Balls . Ok Thanks, for the site too, its helped me a TON all ready. Grant/MN. Peace & Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    How about the important labs, during & after?
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    hey doc,
    what is your view on prohormones are they considered to be as goos as the real aas are they dangerous, what you think about them?

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    Hey Guys been so busy... Glad you are enjoying the Anabolic Doc site and Anabolic Nurse...Her name is Fern Assard and she rocks!!! She has been invited to the Arnold as a figure masters girl!!! She will rock

    check her out on all of her sites Google her name and enjoy !! she is killer !!! And A real MOM of 4 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for labs and medical info on prep for AS cycle.. again OMG

    dont you know you should not do this.... LOL

    Anyway.. Cardio-metabolic health is the name of the game. which means that you have to project what AS can harm, eg.. Heart, blood circulatory system, fertility, prostate, sleep apnea, ..and more...

    What I do, is evaluate each man as an individual in terms of these medical issues.. but can start with history of medical problems, including hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol!!! low HDL/high LDL --big issue!! , prostate health and labs.. basic,.. CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel.. including fasting glucose.. LFTS and ofcourse T and E and DHT levels while you are on is standard of care.. do see more on my current articles in MD !!! I work hard on those!!! And see the video series.. all of them.. I share a lot of medical information.. big time...its not what to do before you start and AS cycle.... its what you do and how much , how long while you are on AS !!!

    And join up with me before its too late... This is my year... I dont know how many more guys I can take.. and the FEE is going to bounce up real soon.. thanks to MD and all the guys I care for ... I love my job as the Anabolic Doc.. The only bad ass Doc in the USA who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and currently bench presses over 500 lbs!! And knows how to care for men on/off AS!!!!

    See my front video on my site for the recent bench live....

    And as for Pro hormones.. bottom line .. can have effects on the body and AS do... except seems like not much of a bang the real juice gives...

    Stay healthy and strong

    Dr O

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    Hey Doc, how hard is it for someone who's on TRT to impregnate a woman?

    If someone is on TRT and wants to have a kid someday but not anytime soon what would you recommend?
    A standard is set when performance is taken to a new level.

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    hey Cobra great question... you guys are asking some real medical stuff now.. hats off.. I told you, im sick of the pct shit..

    so this question, "fertility", related to AS use is one of the first things I address when I take in a new "young man" who's fertility is still a potential...fertility is variable when on AS.. relates to so many other issues, as does real medicine... Age, healthy, other AS cycles, timing, pct use (sorry)... This is the real world guys.. and you see men (young) with kids, who obviously use AS... I say when you are young, you can hit a guy in the head with a base ball bat and hell still come back... and goes for fertility too.... when you are young and do a few cycles... shit, come off for a while--with /with out pct and wow ... your girl is making the call... "hey honey, Guess what" and yeaaah man its yours!!!!

    now, have a guy in his say 30s or beyound liveing on the good old test preps for months... and I do see fertility to be and issue... and another question is, can I stay on test and use HCG/clomid and get fertile?? The answer is yes!!! but in the real medical fertility world, when a man wants to knock up his lady... we get him off Test and other AS and crank up the HCG and we keep doing sperm counts and guess what... It works...

    Now there is literature that worries me regarding chronic AS use and developmental fetal issues... so beware

    Ill give away one of my medical secrets... when I have a guy who we know is going to stay on Juice for a while... I ask him to store sperm on ice!! and this is what the European Docs are doing...another secret, I learn a lot of my medical trade secrets from the docs in germany and Holland... they are awesome....

    So , if you want to be a dad, becarefull with the juice... and consider putting some of your boys on ice..... $200 per year storage fee... not much for the lil guy that will take care of you once your old weak... good investment....

    Stay heathy and strong

    see my web page for my recent 500 lb bench video on fornt page video..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
    Hey Doc, how hard is it for someone who's on TRT to impregnate a woman?

    If someone is on TRT and wants to have a kid someday but not anytime soon what would you recommend?
    cobra,i'm 39 ,been on trt for about 17 mos. and my wife is 7 mos. pregnant.having a kid was one of the reasons i started trt because we tried for a year and it just wasn't happening.

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    please tell us the details of how your wife got pregnant while you were on TRT.. were you on HCG alone? or combo with Test? share the details of your story.. very important for us all to learn...

    Dr O

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    Hey Doc I recently had some blood work done and my thyroid level TSH was a little high at 4.69 and they prescribed me levothyroxine to lower it... I started the prescription yesterday, but I was a little concerned regarding the long list of potential side effects coinsided with this drug, do you recommend this for your patients or is there an alternative you recommend? Thanks

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    Hey Doc! I'm currently running a cycle; 500mg of testosterone cypionate per week, 500mg of equipoise per week, and 40mg of d-bols per day. I am noticing that "Mr. Happy" is not working so well, and i'm wondering if it's safe to use a drug like Viagra or Cialis, while running my current cycle?

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