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    I never gained weight after a reefed day. usually broke even. although I was crazy strict on the reefed day as well. being flat I think is just to be expected durning prep. if youre worried about it maybe have a cheat meal or two on your reefed day see what happens. you of all people know that no tow people are the same. maybe your body needs the junk food? its all trial and error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Neva View Post
    8-10lbs in a refeed? lol

    I'm not 250lbs but when I dieted I averaged ~200-240g carb a day, and every 3-4 days it was bumped to 350-400.
    You are a pipsqueak

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    Oh yah, you betcha


    From my experience….

    If you do a low carb diet, refeeds barely work no matter how much you eat if at all.

    If you diet down on moderate to higher carbs, and then deplete at the end for a week refeeds will make your body pop like never before.

    So I'm guessing your whole approach is fucked, my .02

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