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Thread: Q and A with the "PRO MAKER" George Farah

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    Hi George, I want to congratulate you with the condition Jeff Long displayed at the Nationals. Jeff has never come in like he should and its incredible you nailed it for him on the first try. He has always got the muscle so if he can keep bringing this condition he will do great things in the sport.

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    Congratulations George Farah for the great job with all the guys you prepare for the Nationals.

    Your hardwork is testament of the great knowledge and experience that you have.

    I'm the guy you met in Tampa, yeah the crazy guy that won his class there and we talked yesterday at the finals of the NPC Nationals. (Now you must remember me)

    I always been a fan of how great you look at contest, because is the kind of the old school shape, something that I try to emulate.

    Thanks for the couple of mins you allow me to talk with you and the pictures.

    I have so much respect for you!

    Abbas looked magnific.
    Jeff was incredible.

    You are the man!
    1st place at the MW class at the NPC Tim Gardner Extravaganza Tampa, FL.

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    hey george first off let me say that ur article in MD is awesome n one of my favorites to read! thanx u for the useful info! i wanted to ask u if i wanted to gain about 15 pounds of muscle by april how should i be eating i weigh 182 right now im 19 years old n im 5'7 thanx

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    Hi George, i would just like to know which type of cardio you advocate, whether its offseason or precontest, Interval or steady state?

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    hey george, i just watched branch's training videos in which you gave your commentary and discussed carbs being used throughout the dieting process. I did a show earlier this year and flattened out because i did drop my carbs fairly low...(i did the keto diet, which i won't be doing again). I felt fuller when i added them back in, but at the same time its harder to dial my abs in. So my question is do you think it would be good when i start my contest diet again, to keep the carbs somewhat high so my body stays fuller and just work my abs harder? and of course do the amount of cardio my body would require.. Any suggestions or comments you have would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    also another question i have is what would be some good carb choices for someone like me...i know you do not know me personally, but i just turned 20, so i think i have a pretty fast metabolism, and i did my first show earlier this year.

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    For a natural bodybuilder what supplements do you recommend during a pre contest diet?

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    hey george I live in the ROC and would love to come see you and get a assessment. I really want to do my first show and would love to see wear you think I stand. congrats on everything

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    Hi George! Congrats on your recent successes! Ok my question. I'm a 49 year old Masters competitor. Current stats 6'2." 242 lbs. Last compted in July at 237 lbs at the Masters Nationals. Wasn't big enough for the over 40's that time out. I want to come in at 248-250 with even better conditioning (mainly in legs) for my first (and hopefully only) run at the over 50's supers. I train EOd push/pull/legs routine., very heavy, very intense. I'm strong, but recovery has never been fast so I don't do the 5 or 6 days a week thing. I did the keto- and lots of cardio (up to 2 + hours a day, 6 days a week) bit, but lost a little muscle and could have had better leg cuts (though my abs were rock hard and veiny). What would be your suggestions. (PS Training "non enhanced" at present, old schoo-l 2 cycles planned, one mass, one cut with a 4 to 6 week 'cruise' in between.) Any thoughts, etc. would be much appreciated.

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    hey im an mma fighter and i was wondering is this a good diet to lose bodyfat and stay strong?

    oh yeah which fat source would you say is better for weight loss, natty pb or flax seeds?

    meal 1
    2 whole eggs
    1 serv flax seeds
    1 packet of green tea

    meal 2 (pre workout meal (in this case mma practice)
    chicken or fish
    1/2 serv of oatmeal mixed with a banana or apple
    1 serv natty peanut butter
    1 multi vitamin

    meal 3 (pre workout drink)
    green tea

    meal 4 (post workout 30-45 min after)
    chicken or fish
    1 serv flax seeds

    meal 5
    1 packet of green tea


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    Default Rest periods

    I have a few of my clients in their off-season. The rest periods are around 2-3 minutes between sets. They go all out effort during each set but I feel they could grow more if the rest time where cut but a little more. I think this would keep there metabolism and GH levels high. Would this be a correct theory or should I keep their rest periods at this length?

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    The love is GONE! you didn't even answer my previous questions What's your take on Waxy Maize? I have some and is it a good idea to use post workout in the off season? also, what's your take on DC type training? Thanks
    yea I can back it up!

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    Sorry guys and gales but I have been super busy with work due to the fact that I was giving my clients at the Nationals my all and that kind of put me a little behind and not to
    mention the holidays srasone is a killer one . Anyway I am back and ready to answer few of your important questions.

    roadpigjon, thanks for the nice complements and best of luck to you.

    SuccecisaChoice, I will start by adding 500 calories from complex carbs and protein to your daily diet and see how things go after one week. If your weight goes up then you are on your way and if it don't I will add a little more and keep on adding to start gaining but remember not to over do it and try to shoot for a more then 1 pound or 2 weekly otherwise you will be adding to much fat and water instead of muscles.

    NeverBigEnough, I am a big believer with cardio but no more then 45 minutes no
    matter what the situation is. What I mean by that is no one have to do more then 45 minutes if he or she is keeping here or his weight with in reason. People intend to add to much fat in the off season and try to rely on doing hours and hours of cardio and all what they end up losing is their hard earned muscles along with the fat. Stay in shape and closer to your show shape by no more then 20lbs maximum and you can do that by keeping a clean diet and implementing cardio in the off season.

    Joshbmw007, it us very hard for me to tell you what to eat and to do without knowing certain stuff about you. I will take it one step at the time and add little more calories and of course use the complex kind until you start seeing the results that you are looking for and always diet down slowly so you won't flaring out next time.

    Latman, by far the best addition to any drug free athlete will be BCAA.

    mjfit06, stop by and see me at 2209 empire Blvd.

    Imtenceman, you need yo hire me so you don't have yo do that many cardio and that way you will keep your legs

    thebeast23, on order to lose fat you will need to keep your fat intake to a minimum and that includes the fat that you are consuming. No far is going to help you lose fat especially that you are relying on carbs for energy. Fat and carbs do not mix not even the good fat while trying to get on shape.

    Thomasnva, I will say between 1 to 2 minutes in the off season and 45 second to 1 minutes for a pre contest.

    Itrain2, get rid of the waxy maize, it is not for you and it should be used by people that are planning on gaining size and that is something you don't need. Stick with fast source of protein like the new Hydro whey from Optimum and do not use any carbs right after working out so you can keep the GH level high and that way you can get in shape faster and to replinush your glycogen after your workout, take the hydro then 25/30 minutes later have same simple carbs then another 45 minutes to an hour eat solid meal. I still love ya

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    Sorry if I missed any of your questions and I promise that I will keep on doing my best. Happy holidays to you all.
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    George, This might sound weird compared to most questions you receive but what do you most of you guys do for body hair removal in the off season? Shave? Wax? Use a cream like Nair?

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    Do you believe leaner/harder physiques are achieved on pro/carb diet rather than on pro/fat diet? Or maybe it depends on the person? Thanks

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    When trying to gain clean size how many cardio sessions a week would you implement if any at all, and how long a duration? Trying to gain size without getting sloppy. Right now around 150 lbs with body fat most likely 8-10%. I haven't had it taken in awhile, but I would estimate it's slightly under 10%.

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