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Thread: How has age affected your training?

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    This is a great thread. I'm 45 and decided to do my first show in 16 years, the last was the 91' Nationals. Anyway......I've been using this anology since my first injury at the age of 40 "It's like buying a new car with an extended 75,000 mi 75001, everything takes a shit"!!

    Thats how I felt after I turned 40...torn pec (twice) knee surgery, irritated rotator cuff..etc, etc,etc. I've been training since I was 12 with no real injuries that would slow me down, but after 40.well!

    Since I started training for the show, I have found that I am coming down just as fast as I did when I competed last, I'm still strong as hell, but recovery is not what it used to be. I do however train on a 4 day on 1 day off split, but being aware of my age I do somethings different that just your regular bodybuilding protocol. I am somewhat of an expert on sport-specific functional training and I incorporate functional movements into my regular compound training.

    For example on legs, I will do squats, leg press, etc but the supplimental exercises might be a bulgarian split squat instead of an isolation exercise like extensions or I might superset regular leg curls with glute/ham raises along with reverse hypers or romainian DL. I will always include a single leg exercise in my program.

    When I do shoulders, I will always include rotator cuff work (a stabilizer) with my regular movements. I find if i keep function in all of my programs I am less likely to incur an injury...same with any bodypart, I will include a functional exercise.

    The key at our age is to keep the stabilizers strong through functional training to help prevent injurys in the future. It DOES work with bodybuilding type training.

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    I'm 51 years old and I am in the best shape of my life. I have won the two contests I entered this year, including an Open Overall, and am two weeks out form the third. I'm a married father of four, one of whom is a special needs child, I am a Guidance Counselor ,football coach, strength coach and youth camp counselor, as well. A person could not have a busier schedule...yet I still train heavy, use alot of volume and, for the most part, double split my sessions. I have been training for nearly 30 years now. The only consession I have had to make to age is that I have to eat slightly less carbs than before.
    In my mind it has always been about how bad you want it................with discipine, dedication, and a little pre planning you can do amazing things at any age.


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