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Thread: **VIDEO ALERT** Branden Ray - In the Trenches: Two Weeks out from Nationals

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandenray View Post
    I want to thank everyone for watching the video and also for the words of encouragement. Everyone has their favorite and I feel that varied opinions add to the spirit of competition. I am very grateful and honored to be mentioned as a favorite in a competition with so many gifted bodybuilders.

    As far as the guy that made the comment about ebonics, the purpose of language is communication. If no one understands what you are trying to convey, you words that manifest your thoughts will never be processed. Sad part about it is that I probably have more formal education than you combined with lessons in life. This allows me versatility to communicate in so many different arenas from md message boards to the streets of Oakland and Brooklyn to the long halls of the Library of Congress. For now on if I ever want to communicate with Swede, I will manifest my thoughts with a vernacular that will not be associated with any sort of stereotypical and or debasing and derogatory connotation associated with race or economics to essentalize...if it makes you happy, however, I am very proud of where I came from...and really look forward to where I'm going.
    My my Branden, you are quite the cunning linguist.

    I believe your display of linguist prowess and phonetic ability have beyond a doubt displaced any misconceptions of you as anything less than an educated and capable human being.

    I myself have had the misfortune of my ability being shortchanged by my outward appearance of a heavily accented New Yorker, somewhat muscular physique, as well as my labor intensive profession. Most wouldn't garner a guess that I'm well read, an aspiring writer and college educated.

    But then again I suppose most muthafuckas ain't on our level is they? Ayy fuhgeddaboudit.
    "To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems"

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    Im not knocking Tamer as is shape and conditioning is superb, but its just something about the shoulders that just throws my eye off. Instead of wanting to look at his overall physique i cant stop looking at his shoulders? Any way good luck to B ray and may the best man win. IMO i hope it comes down to B ray and Seth. Both phenominal physiques in their own right

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    Damn. Tamer is cut, Brandon is big, Feroce is ferocious and Darron Glenn is Badass! Looks like they all better bring thier A game. Let the battle begin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jude2 View Post
    I have been judging for awhile now. I am just going by his look in his tank top. It is the reason he lost the USA. I hope he can get the detail that he needs. I am a fan of his look.
    I quess I was right, didn't want to be.

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