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Thread: Canadian Bodybuilding - Mr. Canada

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    The CBBF is the oldest governing amateur bodybuilding federation in Canada and spans over 50 years. Joe and Ben Weider formed it along with the IFBB in Montreal in 1946. It has a long history of provincial and national competitions with every province in Canada having an affiliate association that feeds athletes to its three National Championships. The CBBF Canadian Nationals, NPC North American, and IFBB World Championships are the only competitions that a Canadian athlete can earn a pro card that allows them to compete in any IFFB Pro contest including the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic.

    Fouad Abaid won his Pro Card in 2006 and is currently Canada's top male pro As a structured event the CBBF Canadian Nationals are very regimented with strict competition rules that have changed very little since their inception. The shows tend to be long due to the large numbers of competitors with only the top 15 being judged in each division. Those who don’t make the top 15 are eliminated. Unfortunately, due to the many classes only the top five in each category get to pose during the evening finals. This is necessary due to the many divisions and huge number of athletes as time is limited. The CBBF has the best athletes in Canada with the caliber at a very high level and has produced many top International Pros.

    As an affiliate of the IFBB the CBBF follows their rules and regulations with a team picked to represent Canada at the IFBB World Championships each year. The team is picked from a special National competition where the selected athletes are drug tested before traveling to the World Championships. The CBBF also has a strict judging policy where each judge has to be officially tested and qualified.

    Most Canadian athletes that are featured in the various bodybuilding publications earned their titles competing in CBBF competitions.

    For information purposes, the winners on this list represent overall winners of a bodybuilding competition which may have resulted in a pro card being given depending on that year OR a pro card being given for 1st place finish. An attempt is made at listing the event the competitor won in.

    1947-René LegerMr. Canada
    1948-Alan PaivioMr. Canada
    1949-Georges BoulangerMr. Canada
    1950-Joffre L'HeureuxMr. Canada
    1951-Leo RobertMr. Canada
    1952-Robert RoyMr. Canada
    1953-Gerard GougeonMr. Canada
    1954-Billy HillMr. Canada
    1955-Joe PoczaMr. Canada
    1956-Torre LarsonMr. Canada
    1957-Gilles PoirierMr. Canada
    1958-Yvon BrunetMr. Canada
    1959-Germain GodboutMr. Canada
    1960-Jean-Charles St. MarsMr. Canada
    1961-Gaetan D'AmoursMr. Canada
    1962-John HazelMr. Canada
    1963-Andre DesjeansMr. Canada
    1964-Dennis GauthierMr. Canada
    1965-Conrad LaframboiseMr. Canada
    1967-Michael GaleaMr. Canada
    1970-Vince BasileMr. Canada
    1973-Jon Mikl ThorMr. Canada
    1974-Eddie WolinskiMr. Canada
    1975-Walter MilnerMr. Canada
    1977-Roy CallendarCBBF
    1978-Reid SchindleCBBF
    1979-Reid SchindleCBBF
    1980-Reid SchindleCBBF
    1981-Reid SchindleCBBF
    1982-André MailleCBBF
    1983-Steve KeesaCBBF
    1984-Mark HintzCBBF
    1985-1986-Steve BrisboisCBBF
    1987-Joe SpinelloCBBF
    1988-Nimrod KingCBBF
    1989-Joe SpinelloCBBF
    1990-André BilodeauCBBF

    1991-Joe SpinelloCanada Cup
    1992-Claude GroulxCBBF
    1993-Bob WeatherillCBBF
    1993-Ray Williams Canada Cup
    1994-Claude GroulxCBBF
    1994-Bruce PattersonCanada Cup
    1995-Art Dilkes CBBF
    1996-Greg KovacsCBBF
    1996-Anthony WilliamsCanada Cup
    1997-Yves MontmarquetteCBBF
    1997-Rudy SolimanCanada Cup
    1998-Erik AlstrupCBBF
    1999-Freddy AntwiCBBF
    2000-Reza AmintorabiCBBF
    2001-Nelson DaSilvaCBBF
    2002-Mike PlatzCBBF
    2003-Frank McGrathCBBF
    2004-Dan FedelukCBBF
    2005-Simon VoyerCBBF
    2006-Fouad AbiadCBBF
    2007-Vincent WawrykCBBF
    2008-Ben PakulskiCBBF
    2008-Gregory UlysseCBBF
    2009-Mike Van WyckCBBF

    2010-Santana Anderson CBBF
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