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Thread: Master's On Line Competition

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    Default Master's On Line Competition

    Anyone interested in doing an informal 12 week on-line master's competition (although I don't like the word competition) I'd like this to be a friendly motivating time in which to build up our physiques.

    You have to post one "front shot" and one "back shot" before it starts. At the end you will submit photo's of your relaxed poses and the mandatory's.

    The competiton is open to anyone over 40 years of age and it is a natural competiton. I don't require drug testing but will take your word for it.

    I'm looking for something informal open to the first 6 or 7 guys who put there photos up.

    We will set up a seperate thread to post pictures. As the weeks go by you can also post your progress and other comments.

    Everyone who finishes and puts up there "after" photos will get a tee shirt which I will get done and pay for.

    If anyone is interested let me know or send me a PM.

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    I tried to upload two photos, but couldn't. Here is my website, Photo Gallery link.


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