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Thread: Anyone whos had surgery - Please help

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    Default Anyone whos had surgery - Please help

    I had gynecomastia surgery about 5 weeks ago, no lipo, just gland excision through a semi circle cut beneath areola. The whole gland was cut out each side.

    My questions for anyone who has had the surgery, i would greatly appreciate your advice:

    How long does it take for the swelling to go down, and for the final result to be seen?

    How long did bruising take to go away as it STILL seems slightly yellow around the nips?

    Did anyone get scar tissue that feels like a hard lump if you pinch behind nipple, and also hardness of the area - Did this resolve and how long did it take? (it may need massage?)

    Greatly appreciate any replies. Thanks

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    i had it over a month ago but i have the same had feeling your talking about behind nipple it gets better though over time


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