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Thread: What to wear under your singlet?

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    Default What to wear under your singlet?

    i have a question regaurding my competition. i am competing in a wrestling singlet and i dont know what i should wear under it. should i wear boxers or nothing or the ones that are like short. i dont know.

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    Iron Addict Jimmy Rides's Avatar
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    Whitey Tightys or Under Armor shorts

    No boxers.

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    just in case anybody wans to know what division it is, its the WNPF, and its in bordentown N.J on august 14.

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    if anybody could be there it would be awesome. especially MD.

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    Mini Forklift Ⓥ


    Hope your meet went well?

    Like Jimmy said, tight boxers/briefs and for the top half I wear a club T-Shirt that I lift for.


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