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Thread: Ladies.. answer me this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddy788 View Post
    It can also be a lack of respect for oneself. I believe a lot of people have been torn down so much during their lives that they create a mental block such that they can't love or respect themselves. This manifests itself in many ways. One of these ways is to let oneself go and get unhealthy and overweight. Leaning on food is a quick fix for feeling good or filling a hole that can't be filled. This also usually spills over to the way these people take care of other things and treat other people. There are many root causes, from a screwed up family life to a poor environment. The only way to get over this hurdle is to ultimately address the root causes. We are fortunate on this forum to have more than a handful of good people here who have been able to climb that very mountain. Instead of asking the question, I would look to folks like that and learn from their examples.
    Sounds sweet - but we are all selfish creatures who love ourselves above all others. Eating out of misery is just another example of someone focused on them self. This is coming from someone who needs to lose weight so I am not trying to sound judgmental - I just think we need to quit blaming everyone else and put the blame back on the one person who can do something about it(me). Being too focused on body image leads to other problems and again shows self focus...

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    Good thread. I have always wondered the same thing, nice to have some answers

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