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Thread: Jose Raymond Walks the Lake with Chewy 2 Weeks Out! ***ALL 4 VIDEOS ARE UP!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Harris View Post
    Massachusetts in late October is amazing - just sayin,' Sho!
    Late october = NPC New Englands!!

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    Thank God the New England is not on Halloween like it was last year. Had to leave after the judging to make it back here to go trick or treating with my son. He'll be 11 in 9 days and I don't think he'll be doing that many more times.
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    jose is looking sick!!! wow great job jose

    videos are all awesome

    thanks guys it keeps me motivated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Harris View Post
    Greg Rando is also an IFBB Pro, though now he is a pro in the WNBF I think it is?

    Fred Bigot is actually from Waltham.

    Bench press legend Ted Arcidi is also from MA. Believe it or not, he was my substitute English teacher for a week in 7th grade. How crazy is that? He sent me to get his lunch one time from the school cafeteria. I think it was something like 3 hamburgers and 3 cartons of milk.
    Yeah believe Rando is doing the WNBF right now. last ifbb show I think was the Pittsburgh show as 202 in maybe 09.

    Nobody really stays here, everyone leaves and goes to Cali for the most part to get name recognition.
    Jose is doing big things, blowing up in the sport and remain local.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Harris View Post
    Nano vapor and expresso from Dunkin Donuts - a potent blend that would probably make most guys puke.

    i have both DARK RAGE, and XPAND: XTREME PUMP,.tried the original nano vapor but it didnt wow me like some of the guys that took it,..maybe my diet back then must have fucked with the effect..but i am eating much cleaner now although the protein sources i get arent always from clean souces like the isolate ones

    i am gonna give that dunkin doughnuts expresso a shot 10 minutes after i take my DARK RAGE one of these days ron, thanks ,..and ill let you know what happens lol

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