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Thread: In the Trenches: Jaime Taylor works out before the 2010 NPC Figure Nationals. (Bryan Paz' GF!)

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    Default In the Trenches: Jaime Taylor works out before the 2010 NPC Figure Nationals. (Bryan Paz' GF!)

    In this video , Jaime talks about how she started out training like a bodybuilder and working towards adding size, but now she is more focused on figure and going for fuller muscle bellies, rather than overall bulk. Taylor attributes her change in training approach to her program with trainer Nicole Wilkins Lee.

    Taylor offers advice to budding figure competitors suggesting that it is important to know that no one's physique is perfect. "Everyone has flaws," says Taylor. She says she has made the mistake of overanalyzing herself and has come into contests overtrained and too hard. Taylor, who has a history in the military offers advice on one's "distorted image," promotes the idea of "figure fluffing," and "dialing in all the girly stuff."

    She is also the fiancee of fellow NPC competitor, light heavyweight bodybuilder Bryan Pazdzierz.

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    Jaime looks great keep up the good work.

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    Yah, she looks hot, Its painful to watch her workout though. Some of Jamies movements a little unorthodox. Those curls, lol, omg. It makes my elbows hurt just looking at it.

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    Default Worst Exercises I have ever seen

    Does this Chick Really think that shit is effective

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    Jamie had a drive that's over rated in my book. Hands down the hardiest working girl I ever met. She just need to be recognize for all the work she done to Change her physique. She also bring excellent stage present. You go Jamie
    MHP ATHLETE johnathan lee Johnson

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    Jamie brings a great look to the stage. And this vid shows beyond doubt how hard figure competitors work to look so good on stage!
    Hope the hard work is rewarded and wish Jamie a super Nationals.

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