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Jay Cutler's real height...finally the truth!

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  • Jay Cutler's real height...finally the truth!

    I am shaking hand's with Jay in my avatar pic.

    I stand at a height of 5' 6. Yes, i am short. However, i am still taller than Jay.

    A lot of Pros have an issue with telling the truth about height, weight, arm size, bench, drug protocols etc etc.

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    such a great story mate

    tell you what, i'm taking a picture with your post

    sending it to the print company and getting a 4x6 canvas print done

    lock it in a safe, wait till my great grandchildren grow up and tell them the day i heard this cool story..


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      I'm 6'3".

      Oh my bad I thought we were telling pointless stories.
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        A lot of insecurity in Pro BB. A lot of mistruths about height, lifts, drugs etc.

        Bottom line, Jay is what he is. So what, he stands at around 5' 6....nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, it is short. Hence, he uses substances to compensate for his shortness. He is afterall, just as insecure as all of us!


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          in the mean time


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            Interestingly, the day that photo was taken i was wearing sandals -no heel. Jay, on the other hand, was wearing his customary 'high heeled' runners -the same that Sly wears. And yes, i should have asked Jay if he was wearing 'lifts'....i didn't, as it would seemed inappropriate at the time.


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              oi deek,

              where is the mistruth? provide links to somewhere saying Jay is 6ft.

              This is a horrible thread, your foundation is that somewhere Jay claims to be very tall. The fact he is heights with you in you shit avi means that all pro bb'ers tell lies about measurements.


              • #8
                if anything bodybuilders lie DOWN about their height. I've met Jay as I'm sure many on this board have. He is right around the 5'9" he claims to be.
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                • #9
                  No way. Hes more like 5'8
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                  • #10
                    Is OP serious? What kind of random bum-ass thread is this? I usually don't post but come on...

                    PS- I'm 5' 9", you guys are swell for listening. I hope i can see more average listed male heights.


                    • #11
                      so me and jay are the same height???
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                        Jay is leaning in the pic say he is about 5'8''
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                          Something is fishy about your picture, I am 5'7" and stood next to Jay and he is taller than me, I would guess 5'9"
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                            WOW!! I do believe this is the most pointless thread that has ever been made in MD history. Congratulations is in order!


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                              He could be leaning forward a lot or maybe he was bending his knees slightly to appear to be at the same height as the people he takes photos with. But congrats on being taller than Jay, that surely is a feat to be proud of since height is not at all completely random. I am sure he is crying in his big-ass house as we speak after realizing he will never be as mighty and confident as derek_the_natural from the internet.
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