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  • I stress myself out just doing local shows, I could never drop enough sackage to do a national level contest. There's just way too much that can go wrong and WILL go wrong the last few weeks. And the funny thing is, sometimes the heavy-hitters will show up off and you could have dominated the one or two shows you skip out on...the woes of bodybuilding


    • Originally posted by CHOSEN01 View Post
      I'm a good looking mofo

      I literally have no of my legs from last year I could find. But here's a face, me and my gal.
      I literally just read this whole damn thread. You were called out multiple times and this is the pic you post. Some face shot of you and your girl. This isn't Facebook, this is the nut up or shut up thread. For talking such a big game you've got nothing to back it up with.


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        • Nice thread.